Wednesday, July 8, 2015

2 Months of Eloise May

Our little Ellie May is TWO months old!
And what a doll she is.  <3

Can I tell you a little secret?  So, immediately after giving birth to Jack I didn't feel a strong connection and bond.  I mean there was love and SOME connection, don't get me wrong.  It just didn't run as deep as I thought it didn't encompass me and engulf me and fill me with joy.  Before I had Jack though I had read blogs and stories of other mothers who felt the same way.  I know myself well enough to realize that I am not highly emotional.  I was thus a little prepared for this possibility.  I kept telling myself in the hospital as I sat holding my newborn, "It will come.  Just wait."  And by golly it sure did.

When I was pregnant with Ellie I was afraid it would be worse.  You have so much time to connect with your first baby in utero.  You focus so much on them, pray for them, sing to them.  With Ellie...especially before my belly was huge I would go hours forgetting that I was even pregnant.  I didn't feel as "connected" with her in my belly so I was afraid it would be much worse once she was born.  Fortunately it was about the same as with Jack.  I loved her, I thanked God for her being ours, and I waited once again for that deep bond to form.  And came.  Jason always knows when it comes too...which makes me happy that it's evident to the outside world how much I love and cherish my children.  I sometimes get afraid that because I'm not super emotional/lovey dovey that my kids will feel a loss in that department.  I feel like God has blessed that desire though and there is something within me that easily goes beyond my weaknesses for my children when it comes to outward affection.  Now if only that were the case in some of the other areas of my life that I'm weak PATIENCE!  ;)  Ha!
Anyways, all that to say...we are well along in our bonding and connecting with Miss Ellie May.  She is an irreplaceable part of our family and I'm so happy she is ours.  I cannot express how undeserving I feel to be put in charge of these two little darling souls.  I pray that we serve our God well in this area.

So, Eloise at two months...

This girl gives smiles freely (but not to the camera...she just stares and frowns at the camera)  All you have to do is talk nice to her.  ;)  She better grow out of this before she hits her dating years.  Ha!  For example, I was getting coffee and I had her and Jack in the double stroller.  I was putting cream in my coffee and she started to fuss a little.  I was just going to let her cry a second while I finished getting my coffee ready when a darling old lady saw the opportunity and started to talk to Ellie.  Ellie immediately stopped fussing and gave her the biggest coo and smile.  Love it!
 She is gaining more and more neck control.  She still bobbles here and there but it's getting easier and easier to hold her with one arm...which is a welcome ability with a toddler running around.  :)

It's funny to have a boy first and then to have a girl.  I really don't remember Jack cooing.  Like ever.  Eloise started doing it right around the time she started smiling.  She actually rarely smiles without letting some sort of noise exit her mouth.  So fun. 

Nursing is going well.  She seems to handle my fast let down much better now.  We just went through a pretty good growth spurt where she was nursing close to every 1.5 hours (during the day).  That's over though which is nice. 

Still sleeps like a champ at night.  Girl loves her sleep.  She has slept through the night probably 3 or 4 times recently but for the most part will wake up around 4 am to nurse. I tried letting her not be swaddled last night (well just her arms free) and she woke up at 12:30 soooo...back in the swaddle she went.  Weaning Jack of the swaddle was SUCH a big deal last time so I was thinking maybe it would be nice to not let her get too attached to it.  She still has a pretty strong startle reflex though so I think I will just wait until that goes away to try again.  Cause mama loves her sleep too.  ;)  She is still sleeping in our room.  We are going on a trip to SLO and I figure I won't move her into the crib until we get back.  Once we do though...I think into the crib she goes.  She sleeps so well that I think if I use the monitor to hear her I can get to her before she wakes Jack up.  She grunts for a good long time before she will let out a cry and usually the grunting is enough to get me up.  :)

She recently had her 2 month appt at the pediatrician.  She is 10 lbs 4 oz which puts her in the 30th percentile.  She is a bit over 23 inches making her 80th percentile in height...and her head is like 60th percentile.  Basically she is long and lean.  Love my little string bean.  :)

And there we have it.  Eloise May at 2 Months!  <3


  1. I love that you blog and that our families are so similar. And I could have written at least half this identical post about Izzy. (I actually blogged about her 2 months! Well, she was mentioned in there a couple times.) I LOVE the 2nd picture of her in the pink with the lip. hahahaha. And her coloring here looks so much like Jason. Yes? How weird is it we have blonde boys and brunette girls, haha. Anyhow, yay for 2 months!!!

  2. Look at your little dark baby!!! So sweet...