Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Like Crafts.


So, I've been up to some crafty craft things lately...I'm sure that's utterly surprising to you.  :)

But guess what.  Remember those shutters I told you about?  Yeah.  Those.  Well, they are still sitting in my entry way...looking exactly as they did when I picked them up off the side of the road that wonderful day.  I know.  I just can't decide what to do with them/I'm trying to finish my other projects first.  They will be conquered...soon.

What I HAVE been doing though is...
some painting!  Painting of canvases that is.  Ok, so I look at the above picture and realize that my oh my it's a bit hard to tell what they are.  Anyways, the blue one are "weed type things" and the green one is a chandelier.  I also had a large canvas that I have been trying to decide what to do with.  I have a lot of color in my living room and I wanted to tie it all together.  I found THIS done with paint chips but realized that doing it would take an awkward trip to Home Depot where I try to subtly take far more paint chips than what's necessary for "painting a room".  I had a bunch of paint and so decided to use the idea but paint it instead!

So, for once in my life I tried to be totally and completely precise.  I used my cutting ruler to measure it and traced my pattern over and over...and over...and over.  Yeah, it took a while.  Then I started painting all sorts of random colors which took for FREAKING ever.  Oh my gosh.  Seriously, to do the 2'x2' canvas it took me about 6 hours to paint.  Yeah, I know.  Ridiculous.

So, I painted and painted some more and finally ended up with my finished product which turned out pretty cool. (the picture above is almost the finished camera died and I can't find the charger...story of every bloggers life right? ) I love wow factor that takes 0 talent!  :)

Let's see, what else?
I cut my own hair today.  I FINALLY did it.  As in I've been trying to get the guts to do it for the last month.  I cut Jason's hair.  I've been doing it a while now.  I have been letting my hair grow out but still need those trims to keep from looking scraggly.  I HATE paying all the money to just get a trim though.  boo.  So, I found a website that gave a tutorial and it actually stinking worked.  Like it's straight...totally straight.  I was very impressed. 

I posted more bags in my little etsy shop.  (I woke up this morning to find that I sold one by the way!  woohoo...its a little light green and grey number that I didn't post here! :) )  yay.  Anyways, I really I like them.  I used to do this style back in the day.  It's my first bag I made and actually liked some 6 years ago.  I wore that thing until it was all faded and yucky.  So check it out yo. 

I just really like to sew.  It was half way encouraging that when I made this bag 6 years ago it was a struggle and took forever.  I was quite the novice sewer back then.  This time though it was much easier...oh good.  Apparently I've improved.  :)

And that's a few things that I've been up to as of late.

On top of that I've been learning a lot about food, our place in the food market, and ethical buying.  All overwhelming topics and yet important to understand.  But THAT my friends is for another post.

Have a great week!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yeah, I'm Here...

Though you wouldn't know it since I'm hecka lazy and haven't blogged a word.  "Hecka."  Yeah, I used it.  I'm so SF now.  Or maybe it's a northern Cali thing in general?  Not sure.  Though "hecka" is the good girl version of what they actually say here...HELLA!  Ack.  Potty mouth.  Watch out, lightning is going to strike me down.  :)  No really, EVERYTHING is "hella".  That's "hella cool," "I'm hella tired,"...etc.  It's funny.  They all know that they say it too because there are even t-shirts you can buy that say, "I hella heart SF".  Funny.  I almost want one...almost. 

Anyways, I'm here to tell you that I am alive.  I'm hella..I mean hecka sick though.  We ALL have managed to get sick at work.  My other co-workers have called in sick so I'll be at work today all by my lonesome feeling like poop...holding down the fort.  Oh well.

So, I shall blog this weekend hopefully with some projects that I've been working on and maybe the result of what ended up happening with my shutters.  I've also done some paintings (I know RIGHT?), and have been stocking up my wee lil' bag shop with some guessed it....BAGS!  All those to come!

Welp, love to you all.  Peace.  :)