Monday, February 15, 2016

Eloise May: 9 Months

Our Ellie girl is 9 months old!  Aaaah!  3/4 of a year old!  In no time she'll be one.  Nooooo.  Wahhhh!  My baby, my baby.  Phew.  Mmmkay, glad I got that out of my system.  But for real.  Time goes way too fast.  Especially with a second born.  I can't even imagine what it would be like for any possible future babies.  Possible as in...not possible at the moment.  Like possibly I'm good with maybe just two? ;)  ha!

So Ellie.  What has the 9th month brought us?  Not a ton of new huge things.  We are seeing her personality come more and more.  She's a mix of extremely sweet and chill...and drama.  Like she can be so dramatic.  She'll throw herself down on the floor...or look straight at us and cry LOUDLY if Jack takes something from her.  But if I say, "Ellie, you're ok."  She literally stops immediately and goes on with life.  So she's getting it.  She's starting to grasp how to work the system.  :)  It's both funny...and slightly shocking considering she's a BABY.  Baby's ain't no fools you guys!

She's highly mobile.  Can crawl crazy fast.  She's also started this weird one leg scoot.  Basically she sits on one leg and uses the other to scoot herself along.  Very funny.  And slightly odd.

She adores food and has pretty much left the world of baby food behind.  If it's something she can chew she basically just eats what we eat.  Jason has already snuck her plenty of sweets.  For example, apple pie, and some milkshake.  Did you see the Instagram video of the milkshake?  Pure comedy.

Jack is still her favorite person hands down...unless she's hungry, then I move up on the list quickly.  She nurses plenty still and sleeps ok-ish.  Sometimes she'll go long stretches but for the most part she wakes up twice a night.

She is about 15.5 lbs...can't remember the height.  Basically she's in the 5th percentile in weight and about 50th in height.

Her absolute favorite thing is to play outside in the backyard.  She'll be back there right next to Jack digging in the dirt, climbing on the train ramp, and whatever else you can imagine.  Sometimes I'm not able to watch her closely (she still puts evvvverything in her mouth) and so I don't let her outside...even though Jack gets to go out.  She'll sit at the screen door banging on it and screeching until usually her daddy has pitty on her and takes her out.  :)

And THAT my friends is our Ellie-girl at 9 months.  We love you you crazy baby!  <3

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wherein I blog about something other then my baby getting a month older...

Guys!  Gals!  How are's yuh?!?

Man.  Life is kinda cray.  Not going to lie.  I feel like nothing interesting is happening and yet simultaneously tons is happening.  The days are full I'll tell ya that.  Full of laughter, whining, crying, love, kisses, adamant "no's", nursing, eating (seriously, Jack is alllllways eating), sleeping, sewing (so much sewing) and yeah.

So I guess this is a little update.  Maybe the best way to organize this so I don't end up just staring at a screen is to go by categories. Here we go:

Arizona:  So.  We live in Arizona.  Yeah.  We just passed our one year Arizona Anni.  And guys.  We REALLY like it here.  Like for real.  I mean the summer is literally hot as hell.  Ha!  But it's only a couple of months of the truly stifling hot stuff.  Everything is so ac'd though that it's just not that bad.  Eventually I started getting a little ready to just be outside but by was almost over.  The winter has been a bit cooler then I thought it would be.  Like it gets down right cold at night but for the most part the days are between mid 60's-70's.  Not bad, not bad.  We have a church that we reeeeally like and have met some good friends.  The town we live in is very "homey" and family oriented and yeah...we've settled in well and are really happy to be here.

Jack:  Oh Jack.  My little tank.  I love this kid.  Jack is very two.  I don't think that we have hit the brunt of the "toddler rage" yet.  He will have a week here or there where he's off and cranky but overall he's pretty easy.  He's learning so much language as of late.  Like his grammar has just taken off.  He says so many things correctly that it amazes me.  He is definitely realizing that he has a mind and will of his own.  Ha.  He loves to play and run, loves to take his nap (he's totally that kid who tells you when he's done and ready to lie down), loves to eat, loves to read, loves art and drawing.  He really adores his sister.  He watches out for her...and also messes with her plenty.  Jack's also learning what it is to be social and have friends.  I can tell that he WANTS to interact and play and yet he's still trying to figure that all out.  He is such a sweet kid and truly a joy to be around (most of the time, ahem).  :)

Ellie: I don't feel like she needs much of an update since for the last 8 months all the posts have been about her. Ha!

Jason:  Jason is still working away at ASU.  He's doing really well and even received a raise at his one year evaluation!  Wahoo!  It's definitely a really hard job at times but I think that overall he enjoys it.  He's also still super into all his outdoorsy stuff.  He's lately really into refurbishing antique tools and woodwork.  On top of that he's basically on his way to being an expert sharpener.  Ha!  Seriously, you've never met anyone with a sharper axe and knives then Jason lol.  He's a funny guy. I love all his fun hobbies.

Me: Well, well.  Me.  Gosh I don't even know.  I think sometimes I feel a little lost in the commotion.  You know?  Like there were so many things that I felt were who I was that have been stripped down and laid aside in order to take care of babies full time.  I used to be so active and into exercise...and backpacking and the outdoors...and reading!  Now that whole part of me feels just so...out there...and not real.  Like was I REALLY a pretty decent rock climber once upon a time?  Yes.  Yes I was.  I still would LOVE to do it again but man, I just don't have the time.  The little years are truly a joy but it sure demands all of your time.  One day I realize though that they won't be so little and won't need me so much.  And when that day happens I'll think back on these I climb my V5 bouldering route hahahaha.  No really, I will miss these days when they are gone.  I love having babies and little ones at my feet.  Also in other news Etsy is doing well and kicking me in the rear.  I had a record breaking January.  It was nuts.  I was up until 1-2am every night for about 2 weeks ha.  It was awful!  Especially since Ellie wakes around 3am each night lol.  Phew.  Coffee kept me alive this month.  Literally. 

So there you go.  I a little update that wasn't all about Miss Eloise.  Life is busy.  But so so good.  I just feel quite happy with life and the craziness that it's dishing us.  We are very blessed and I literally thank God daily for his grace, kindness, and mercy. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Eloise May: 8 Months

You guys!

Ellie is 8 months old!

And I never blog anymore because I HAVE NO TIME!!!!  Ah! 

One day I'll sit down and do a more personal blog about what's been going on.  In the mean time.  Ellie is 8 months and two weeks...maybe almost three weeks?  I took the picture on time though say hey!  That's not bad right? :)

Well there is one thing that I know for a fact...

This girl doesn't lack personality.
She is such a goof, a bit of a drama queen, and quite possibly the sweetest thing ever.  She loves her 5 am cuddles when she wakes up in the morning (praise the Lord she always falls back asleep in our bed).

Ellie is around 15 pounds when we went in for a flu shot a week ago.  That puts her at the 5th percentile.  She's a petite little thing.

She is very mobile.  Crawls everywhere and stands independently without holding onto things.  She has taken a few steps but I'm not entirely convinced that they were on purpose and there really hasn't been much progress in that department...which is for the best.

She loves food and is leaving baby food behind.  As long as it's something she can chew or eat she just tends to have what we have for dinner.  Nursing is still a favorite past time of hers.  :)

She adores her brother Jack and they are beginning to play more and more.  The sweetest thing ever.  Jack isn't as rough towards her now that she's mobile.  I think he realizes that she in in fact human and so doesn't push her over quite so often lol.  That boy.  Ugh.

Ellie is a CHAMP at entertaining herself.  Jack was never great at this and I sometimes feel that Ellie may be better at this at 8 months old then Jack is at 2.5.  haha.  Maybe it's a first child thing.  Too much undivided attention as a baby.  ;)

Overall our girl is a doll.  She's the sweetest, most smiley little thing.  Happy 8 months Ellie-girl! 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Eloise May: 7 Months

Ellie you are SEVEN months old!  Er.  You WERE 7 months old three weeks ago.  Lol.  Oh well.  I don't have her official 7 month photo but I need to get this up or it will never happen.  Things are a little busy around these parts.  Turns out raising two little ones, making handmade stuff for my Etsy gig, AND babysitting occasionally makes for a busy life.  Phew.

That being said...let's talk about Miss Eloise.

Let's see...

  • She sleeps horribly (ha!)  She's also getting teeth. But really....she slept awesome up until 4 months and then after's been hit and miss.  I've handled it way better then with Jack.  I just don't mind so much.  Maybe too it helps knowing that Jack wasn't a great sleeper but by the time he was a year old he was finally sleeping through the night.  ha.  Tough times are very temporary in the baby world.  You definitely gain this perspective after you've had one child.
  • She is a crawling, pulling up on everything machine.  She started doing it around 6-7 months old.  Can't remember exactly.
  • She gets into EVERYTHING.  Like everything.  We never baby proofed with Jack and instead just taught him to not touch things.  Yeah, we are doing the same with Ellie but for real.  It's taking so much more work and awareness haha. 
  • She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  And I mean everything.  Another difference between Ellie and Jack.  Jack was not a mouthy baby.  Ellie most definitely is.
  • We are getting glimpses of her personality.  Jack was our chill, calm baby.  Ellie is a goof and quite the spaz.  Already at almost 8 months!  haha.  Cracks me up.
  • She is starting to say mama and dada.  She started off strong with Mama and now prefers to say Dada (stinker!).
  • She loves toys.  And to play with things. 
  • Her and Jack are beginning to build quite the relationship now and it makes this mama heart so happy.  He watches out for her at the park if kids get too close to her.  They crawl around on the floor and Jack let's her chase him.  They wrestle.  It's cute.  He also does a fair share of NOT sharing and pushing her around.  I guess that's what big brothers are for.  ;)
  • She was slow going on the solids but man she loves food.  She does NOT like savory purees but DOES like savory table scraps ha.  But she loves all fruits, cereals, yogurts, puffs, pastas and etc.  We haven't tried any meat yet. 
And that's our 7 month Ellie update.  As incredibly late as it is!  :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Eloise May: 6 Months

I am following my "at least one week late" trend on these things. But...Ellie is 6 months!!! I can't believe this girl has been with us for half a year already. Its so true. The first baby grows up fast...but the second...even faster. I can't even imagine what it would be like with more kids. You probably birth them, blink, and then they're two! Then ten, then graduating and then getting married. 😉😉

Anyways, our Ellie girl is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever. She is suuuch a happy little thing. So content. She smiles and kicks her feet 98% of the day. She loves to play on the floor and practice her crawling. She hasn't fully attained crawling status in its true form but she gets where she wants to go by the "rock and lunge" method. Ha.

She is enjoying the new world of solid foods. She can go from being on her tummy to sitting up.  She still adores Jack more then anyone in this house ha! Her sleep could be a bit better but...we're surviving.  She loves her milk, cuddling, Jack's trains, and our coffee table coasters. She actually loves all toys and the jumperoo.  This month she also had her first camping trip and first Halloween! :)

She is such a doll and daily I looks at her and think "Really God? What did we do to deserve these babies?" We are so thankful for our little family.

Happy 6 months Ellie girl. ❤❤❤

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Eloise May: 5 Months

Apparently this blog exists to be a once a month place where I update you on my 2nd born and her growth.  Ha!

Also this is like 2 weeks late being posted.  I was just too lazy to upload all the photos but I've done it now so on to the update!!!

Oh Ellie May.  We adore you.  My absolute favorite thing is picking  you up into my arms after you first wake up.  You're so warm and relaxed and you just seem to melt into me.  I literally breathe you in and I just can't believe that you are ours.

5 months.  I can't believe we are already here.  It's gone by SO fast and yet I can't believe that half a year ago we were living our life without you in least on THIS side of the womb.  ;)

So things to note:

Lots of rolling over.
The hand eye coordination is pretty good.  I should say the hand eye mouth coordination.  Because seriously..she sees it, she picks it up, she puts it in her mouth.  Always.
We have two VERY sharp little bottom teeth.
She loves toys.  Especially Jacks trains and cars.  She will literally lunge at it if you put it in front of her. She also really loves her little teething banana thing.
She seems to be less content to just chill.  I think she is getting impatient.  The day after she turned 5 months she got up on all fours and started rocking.  She has made many attempts since...she just doesn't know what to do with her to move them forward.  So maybe by 6 months we will have a crawler?
Sleep is ok-ish.  She actually slept better as a newborn funny enough.  She goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 10pm...I think because we wake her up going to bed ourselves?  Then she will do one wake up around 3 or 4.  So not terrible...but I would love to ditch that 10:00 feeding.  But, like Jack, I'll probably ride it out and eventually she'll stop on her own.  ha!
She loves being held upright and has the spine support to almost sit on my hip which is one of my favorite "new tricks" a baby gains...especially with a toddler at my feet!
She has the funniest little husky sounding laugh.  She laughs some what often but the biggest laughs are still reserved for Jack.  Mama and Daddy apparently just aren't THAT funny.  ;)

Overall she is just the happiest little thing.  And we ADORE her!

Happy 5 months Ellie girl!   <3

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eloise May: 4 Months

Ok, so she's like 4 months + 1 least.  Actually like 4 1/2 months ha!  Whatever.  What's up with 4 months huh?  I didn't do a 4 month post for Jack either.  But.  Here I am.  Documenting the 4th month of having our Ellie girl in our lives.

So what to say about this girl....
She loves love LOVES to roll.  All around her bed.  She is a definite tummy sleeper.
She is the happiest thing in. the. world.  She literally only cries occasionally in the car.  And when she's hungry. 
She adores her big brother.  Even when he physically rolls her over...rather roughly I might add...she just looks up and smiles at him.  So sweet.
Nursing is her JAM!  She was kinda meh about it for a while.  She quite likes it now.  :)

At her last appt she was 12 lbs which put her in the 20ish percentile
Her height?  90th! 
Her head is nice and big...just like her brother.  :)

I will say that she is a far more sensitive baby then Jack was.
She does NOT like most strangers.  At all.  She cries when they look at her hahaha.
She kinda has this intensely sweet but quiet disposition.  Which I think is darling.
I have great fondness for those quiet, behind the scenes people (my husband).
It's like a mystery package that you slowly get to unwrap.  :)

Granted she's 4 months old soooo....she might turn out super outgoing like Jack.  You never know!

And time for the photo bombbbb!  Picmonkey isn't working so I don't get to do my usual collage  :)