Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Eloise May: 8 Months

You guys!

Ellie is 8 months old!

And I never blog anymore because I HAVE NO TIME!!!!  Ah! 

One day I'll sit down and do a more personal blog about what's been going on.  In the mean time.  Ellie is 8 months and two weeks...maybe almost three weeks?  I took the picture on time though say hey!  That's not bad right? :)

Well there is one thing that I know for a fact...

This girl doesn't lack personality.
She is such a goof, a bit of a drama queen, and quite possibly the sweetest thing ever.  She loves her 5 am cuddles when she wakes up in the morning (praise the Lord she always falls back asleep in our bed).

Ellie is around 15 pounds when we went in for a flu shot a week ago.  That puts her at the 5th percentile.  She's a petite little thing.

She is very mobile.  Crawls everywhere and stands independently without holding onto things.  She has taken a few steps but I'm not entirely convinced that they were on purpose and there really hasn't been much progress in that department...which is for the best.

She loves food and is leaving baby food behind.  As long as it's something she can chew or eat she just tends to have what we have for dinner.  Nursing is still a favorite past time of hers.  :)

She adores her brother Jack and they are beginning to play more and more.  The sweetest thing ever.  Jack isn't as rough towards her now that she's mobile.  I think he realizes that she in in fact human and so doesn't push her over quite so often lol.  That boy.  Ugh.

Ellie is a CHAMP at entertaining herself.  Jack was never great at this and I sometimes feel that Ellie may be better at this at 8 months old then Jack is at 2.5.  haha.  Maybe it's a first child thing.  Too much undivided attention as a baby.  ;)

Overall our girl is a doll.  She's the sweetest, most smiley little thing.  Happy 8 months Ellie-girl!