Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Some Ranting...and Some Nice Stuff Too

Lately I've just been feeling bugged.  Do you feel like there are phases you go through when things just BUG you?  Here are a few things.

-Social media.  In particular Facebook.  Because my iPhone went swimming I basically don't use Instagram very often.  Although Instagram totally doesn't bug me...probably because I only follow 30 people...and I actually like/know all of them.  Facebook status stuff buuuuugs me right now.  I was about 2 seconds from deleting the thing today.  Seriously.  The only thing that kept me from doing it is it's the main way I get pics and updates on my bro and nephew.  So I didn't.  But I wanted to.  So, I will check it once a day now, probably won't post any status' of my own because if others are bugging me it's probably a FACT that I'm bugging other people too.  ;) 

-"Oh I would never live in a big city."  Seriously, if I hear that from one more person...who has never lived in a legit big city themselves I might go cuh-razy.  Something about the WAY they say it just makes me feel dumb about us living in San Francisco.  Sometimes I can't tell if it's a way of going on the defense because I know some big city dwellers can come off as all, "Oh you podunk little people who have no culture."  Something about the tone though just makes me feel...inferior?  I don't know.  Don't get me wrong, I get it!  It's not for everyone.  But to be honest.  We didn't choose to live here.  This is where school/jobs are.  It was either L.A. or San Francisco.  And if this backpacking, camping, surfing (cuz I'm doing a lot of THAT lately, ha), outdoor loving girl can fall in love with big city life...anyone can.  Phew.  Glad I got that off my chest. ;)

-Giving haircuts.  Seriously.  The worst.  Now I'm giving Jacko a haircut too.  Aaaaaah!  God will probably give me 4 boys just so that I will have to give 5 haircuts a month.  Noooooo!  Really though, haircuts are expensive.  And I'm cheap.  And I can cut hair.  So I can't bring myself to pay for a haircut.  That being said...we are splurging and Jason is getting a fancy haircut this weekend.  He likes getting an occasional haircut by the pros.  So why not right?!?  At least I won't have to do it!  :)

-This clogged nose of mine.  Soooo congested.  The worst right?!?  The sleep, or lack of is just painful.  Jack has it too.

Anyways, this post is way too negative wouldn't ya say?
Here are some things I'm lovin':
-Sewing.  I just love sewing.  I love creating.
-Our home.  Even though our house is tiny I'm at this point where I just love it.  I love our cracker jack rented home.  Really.  It's just...home.
-Being a stay at home Mom.  Heck, it's boring sometimes but really...I take such great joy from it.  Jack is so fun.  We have our little routines and I wouldn't change it for anything.
-Jack's B-Day invites.  Sooooo cute!  I just sent them out.  We used  Highly recommend them!  THAT and they sent me a $20 coupon on Mother's Day so I got my invites for $8.  Score!
-The color white.  It's just so refreshing.  Can your favorite color by white?  I think it's mine.

Welp. That's all I got.  Don't forget to enter the giveaway.  It ends Thursday at noon.  At this point the odds are pretty good you'd win if you enter haha.  :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This and That

There have been a lot of posts like this lately.  Little blurps.  Little glimpses of what's going on in our lives. is yet another one.  Enjoy.

  • We are taking the plunge.  We have a car.  Well, a truck.  We planned to buy a car before Jack was born.  As in we looked and looked.  Test drove and test drove.  We had a limited amount of money and we wanted to buy it outright.  We just never found the right one so we never got one.  Then Jack came and the truck just sat there.  I would use it for work once I went back 2 days a week but that was it.  Oh, and I used it to grocery shop too.  A lot of people skip the car in San Francisco.  We started thinking...what if we just sell the truck?  It can't really hold Jack, I'm not working anymore.  The only thing that was left was grocery shopping.  Well, for the last month I've had my groceries delivered by Instacart soooo the car has sat there for a whole month, untouched.  Except to move it for street cleaning.  Which we forgot once.  Hello $65 ticket.  Ouch. :(  So, we are selling our beloved truck that has served us so well.  Anyways, we really haven't missed not using the car the last month.  We also have a Zipcar membership if we ever want to take a day trip somewhere.  So there you go.  Adios car!!!
  • Jason's new job is going swimmingly.  It's just perfect for him.  I mean really.  God is SO good, is He not???
  • My house is an utter disaster right now.  I's bad.  I just have felt zero motivation to clean it.  Awful right?  I give myself another day or so of tolerating it and then I will go into a frantic cleaning frenzy.  That's how I roll I guess.  All or nothing.  :)
  • So I kinda have sweaty pits.  TMI?  Really though.  I can get kinda funky musky.  Even regular deodorant doesn't really keep me all that fresh the whole day.  I also hate using antiperspirant but it's hard to find deodorant without it for girls.  I've tried the natural stuff and it did NOT work for me.  Recently my friend Kate posted on her blog a natural homemade deodorant that she uses and I decided to give it a try.  SERIOUSLY!  It's amazing.  Like after a whole day of baby wearing in 95 degree weather through the city I was STILL fresh.  My husband was even impressed ha!  Anyways, here's the link!  Seriously, make it!  It's amazing!  Kate's Deodorant
  • I had strep.  Well, I thought I just had a nasty sore throat.  I kept waiting for the rest of the cold to come on.  Then there was the day that I could NOT swallow my spit without flinching.  It hurt so bad I basically wanted to cry.  Then I got a fever.  Then I finally went in to get tested...the same day Jack started getting a fever.  Sure enough, it was strep.  I opted to skip the antibiotics because at this point the dr. said I didn't need them unless it got worse again (I was on the healing end of it).  After two days of Jack having a fever we went to test HIM for strep.  No strep but he ended up with Roseola.  Lovely.  One day after finally getting over Roseola Jack comes down with a nasty cold. throat STILL doesn't feel totally back to normal...two weeks later.  I should've just taken the stinking antibiotics.  Sheesh.  I'm ready for us to be healthy again btw.  :)
    And that's all I got for you!  Happy Hump Day hehe ;)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Jack: 11 Months

11 Months!!!

Can you believe that in less than a month we will have a 1 year old?!?!
Blows my mind.

We are having so much fun with this little guy.  This age.  Gah.  I'm in love with it.

Also, I have basically no pictures of this little guy this month because they were all on my phone that died.  Trying to not be sad about it.  :(
Anyways, so what's new?

-We have a WALKER!  He took a few steps here and there before I left for Florida and while at Jenny's he took more and more.  Now he will always try to walk first...usually makes it.  But still sometimes falls.  He's more steady now.  Less of that drunken baby look.  Which I LOVED by the way.  So cute.
-The babbling is non-stop.  I swear he thinks he's saying things in a totally understandable way.  Like he looks straight at me, babbles, and then pauses.  Maybe he's waiting for an answer from me?  :)
-A few days ago we went to the doctor for a strep test since I have it and Jack now has a fever, so I actually know his weight!!!  21 lbs. 8 oz.  He is heavy...and just plain solid.  Someone described him as a "bruiser".  I think that's pretty accurate.  Not super tall, but stout.  :)  I'm sticking with my "bulldog" description that I started using when he was like 4 months old. (P.S.  It wasn't strep.  Its was Roseola that came at the same time as my strep.  Lovely.)
-I feel like "play" is starting to come together.  He's more purposeful with it.  Refrigerator magnets are basically the coolest thing we learned at Jenny's.  He's figured out how to play the xylophone thingy that we have.  He likes to open and close anything.  Water bottles, doors, the cap to the thermometer case.  Pushing any and all toys under the couch and then pulling them back out is apparently quite entertaining.  Whatever makes you happy kid.  :)
-Sleep is not too bad.  He wavers between sleeping through the night and waking up once.  I can handle that.  :)  His new wake up in 6am on the dot.  I am slooooowly getting used to this.
-Naps are still twice a day...though I feel like he needs three sometimes.  Instead I moved his bedtime up to 7pm.  Seems to help a little.
-Stuffed animals.  Let's talk about these things.  Why is it that whatever I have decided I will NEVER buy for my kids...the kid is bound to love.  He LOVES them.  As in he HUGS them.  As in when we were at the toy store getting a few little items for his birthday he got so excited at the pile of stuffed dogs.  And after letting him hold one he cried when I wheeled him away.  Stuffed animals are just one of those things that of those things that if you aren't careful will multiply like little bunnies and suddenly you'll have 53 of them.  I shouldn't talk though because I fully remember playing with mine as a kid.  Oh well.  :)
-He has a little will.  I think I've heard people describe their little one's as "willfull" sometimes.  I think so far he doesn't show this tendency.  He is very responsive to "no" and the occasional discipline.  He totally gets it and responds accordingly.  Anyways, his little will is emerging though.  It makes Jason and I laugh.  Like we had to reprove the whole throwing food off the highchair thing.  Jason reprimanded him and Jack's look was just...hilarious.  It's like you want them to take you seriously but sometimes you just want to laugh!!!!

And that's 11 months for you!  Can't wait for the ONE YEAR update.  Which will probably be the last official every month update that I will do.  Awe sad. 
Having fun prepping for Jack's 1st birthday party!!!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday!
Mom's can say that right?!?

  • This will be my second Friday and Saturday where I'm not going into work.  And you know?  It almost feels like I never DID go to work.  I think that I was far enough detached from the working world after having Jack and becoming part time that the transition to fully staying home has been pretty easy.
  • Jason is just completing his first week at his new job!  Yay!  He REALLY likes it.  And you want to know something even cooler?  His boss just hired 2 other people from SFSU that he taught with there.  Two other people that he highly recommended and really wanted to keep working with.  So...he even has some buddies there now.  :)
  •  Speaking of the new job, we just got word that he will for sure be moving to the Berkeley campus in January.  Right now they are at the downtown San Francisco campus.  I guess they were temporarily moved down there.  Anyways, we were aware of this possibility before he was hired.  It means we are rethinking our housing situation.  If you don't know we literally live in a 500 sq ft place.  Our living room is a living room, dining room, kitchen all in one.  And it's a room that is smaller then most master bedrooms.  It DOES have two separate bedrooms though.  Anywho, we LOVE the place.  It was literally a perfect place to live while Jason was in school.  Perfect I tell you.  We have been beyond blessed.  Adding Jack in hasn't been so bad but adding another child eventually...yeah.  Could be interesting...though doable.  Throw in a decent commute for Jason.  We could move to the East Bay close to his job and get an actual HOUSE for close to what we are paying for this place in the city.  So...we are keeping our options open.  Seeing where the Lord wants up to go.
  • My smartphone is dead and I've been rocking the old school phone with the keyboard and all.  I don't miss the internet access as much as I thought I would...but I DO miss having a decent camera on me at all times.  Like I really miss it.
  • Jack is 11 months old!  One more month and he's a ONE YEAR OLD!  I have an 11 month post in the works.  Oh, and he's fully walking. :)
  • And since Jack pulled some 5am nonsense this morning I'm off to clear the 500 things off my bed and go to sleep...and you will in turn read this tomorrow...because it's currently Thursday night and it would be weird to post a blog titled "Friday Ramblings" on a Thursday.  Yup.
Happy Friday!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh Hey There!

I'm here and still kicking.

Life has been a little crazy.  I got back on Wednesday from a seriously LOVELY trip to Florida to see my seriously lovely friend Jenny and her seriously lovely hoard of children (once you have 3+ children I vote they be called a "hoard").

I would share with you all my awesome pics I took but I decided that it was a good idea to put my 1 MONTH old iphone into my pocket.  And then go into the ocean.  Well, it WASN'T a good case you were wondering.  The phone is dead.  All the tricks on helping water logged phones doesn't apply to phones that have soaked for a good 15-20 min.  Soooo, there is an old non-smart phone on it's way here from my mother in law that I will use until one day we save up for a new one.  Hmph.  So, THAT was lame.

Otherwise the trip was just what the doctor ordered.  Lots of sun, good talks, the warmth.  Perfect.  Jack was an absolute trooper.  On the way there the trip was broken up into 2 3 hour long and one 2 hours.  They corresponded with his nap times so he slept a good 1 hour of each and the rest of the time he was great.  On the way back to San Francisco it was 2 legs but one was an hour and the other almost 6 hours.  I was a little nervous for that last stretch.  He slept 1 1/2 hours of it and then the rest...he was great.  Didn't cry once.  I mean, I worked hard to keep him entertained but yeah...he did really well.  At the end everyone cheered for him and said what a great job he did and he clapped with them...which basically won them all over. 

I of course caught some sort of weird bug.  Possibly strep?  I've never had strep but this is a sore throat that I have never experienced.  So painful that you basically grimace/want to cry every time you swallow your spit.  Awful.  I'm trying to ride it out without antibiotics.  If I'm not significantly better by Monday I will go to the doc.  I THINK I feel better today soooo...?  Here's hoping.  :)
 Otherwise we're just getting back into the swing of normal life here.  Jason spent part of yesterday at Berkeley signing lots of papers and starts his new job Monday.  Jack is figuring out how to sleep again after a lot of traveling in a short amount of time.  Last night was just ONE wake up!  Yay.  I'm trying to not go crazy with how crazy chaotic our house is right now while being sick.  Some things just have to wait though.  So, that's all for now.

And here are a couple of photos of our little Jack man to showcase the mad photo skills my friend Jenny has.  Seriously.  She's good.  I would pay to have her do family shots if I could!!!  :)