Saturday, May 10, 2014

Oh Hey There!

I'm here and still kicking.

Life has been a little crazy.  I got back on Wednesday from a seriously LOVELY trip to Florida to see my seriously lovely friend Jenny and her seriously lovely hoard of children (once you have 3+ children I vote they be called a "hoard").

I would share with you all my awesome pics I took but I decided that it was a good idea to put my 1 MONTH old iphone into my pocket.  And then go into the ocean.  Well, it WASN'T a good case you were wondering.  The phone is dead.  All the tricks on helping water logged phones doesn't apply to phones that have soaked for a good 15-20 min.  Soooo, there is an old non-smart phone on it's way here from my mother in law that I will use until one day we save up for a new one.  Hmph.  So, THAT was lame.

Otherwise the trip was just what the doctor ordered.  Lots of sun, good talks, the warmth.  Perfect.  Jack was an absolute trooper.  On the way there the trip was broken up into 2 3 hour long and one 2 hours.  They corresponded with his nap times so he slept a good 1 hour of each and the rest of the time he was great.  On the way back to San Francisco it was 2 legs but one was an hour and the other almost 6 hours.  I was a little nervous for that last stretch.  He slept 1 1/2 hours of it and then the rest...he was great.  Didn't cry once.  I mean, I worked hard to keep him entertained but yeah...he did really well.  At the end everyone cheered for him and said what a great job he did and he clapped with them...which basically won them all over. 

I of course caught some sort of weird bug.  Possibly strep?  I've never had strep but this is a sore throat that I have never experienced.  So painful that you basically grimace/want to cry every time you swallow your spit.  Awful.  I'm trying to ride it out without antibiotics.  If I'm not significantly better by Monday I will go to the doc.  I THINK I feel better today soooo...?  Here's hoping.  :)
 Otherwise we're just getting back into the swing of normal life here.  Jason spent part of yesterday at Berkeley signing lots of papers and starts his new job Monday.  Jack is figuring out how to sleep again after a lot of traveling in a short amount of time.  Last night was just ONE wake up!  Yay.  I'm trying to not go crazy with how crazy chaotic our house is right now while being sick.  Some things just have to wait though.  So, that's all for now.

And here are a couple of photos of our little Jack man to showcase the mad photo skills my friend Jenny has.  Seriously.  She's good.  I would pay to have her do family shots if I could!!!  :)


  1. So sad you got sick.
    So happy Jack was a good traveler.
    So sad our trip is already over.
    So happy you came and saw me.

    I need an update as to when this boy is full-time walking!! Rhett still won't do any steps (stubborn little booger)... but is keeping up with the "squats". :-)

  2. Do you have verizon? We have our old phones I'm happy to share but I think without jail breaking them they would have to be used on Verizon. They are droid X from 2010. Probably need a fresh battery but we got batteries on amazon for a few bucks.