Wednesday, April 30, 2014


These flowers are THRIVING in my yard right now.
Here I sit sipping my yummy hot creamy and sugary cup of coffee.

I quit coffee completely during my pregnancy with Jack.  Out of pure fear of having the coffee I drink affect my not so great little sleeper I didn't have any caffeine until he turned 6 months.  Needless to say I am reeeaally enjoying it again.  I'm keeping it to one cup a day though.  And you know what?  It wakes me up just as much as those 3 cups I used to drink.  I put a crazy amount of cream and sugar into my coffee.  Back when I was in college and I started to drink coffee I used to put nonfat milk and Splenda in it.  I have no idea why.  Because all the other college girls did it that way?  Fear of the freshmen 15?  Then once I went to a coffee shop and there was no nonfat milk...and they only had sugar.  And the rest is history.  It was so creamy and delish...I've never turned back.
That FACE!  :)
Friday is my last day of work.  And you know what...?  I'm kinda nervous.  I know that sounds crazy.  I work 2 days/week though and to me that's not so bad.  If I had my choice I would have Jason work M-Th and me work Friday.  And then we'd have the weekend off together (right now we only have Sundays off together which is too hard).  I LIKE getting out of the house to work though.  It doesn't bother me.  Mostly because Jason is the one I'm leaving Jack with.  And it gets me out...socializing.  I'm nervous that our finances are completely dependent on one person.  I'm nervous that I'll start to feel isolated.  My closest friends are at work.  I know that this is definitely God's will for us right now.  I know that there will be great blessings from it.  I AM excited to have a full weekend with Jason for the first time in a while.  But yeah.  It's funny how you pray for something and then when it happens you mildly freak out.  Go figure.  I am VERY thankful for Jason's new don't get me wrong.  ;)
Jack's two top teeth broke through!!!  Fiiiiiiiinally.  Oh my goodness.  They have been on the verge for weeks.  Those two took soooo long.  The bottom one's seemed to just pop with 2 days of fussiness.  The two top teeth effected him for quite a bit longer.  His little gums even bled when they popped through.  Anyways...he's back to sleeping well again.  Happy baby, happy mama.  YAY!  :)

Also Jack is got his first eye exam today.  I know that sounds nuts but the state of California offers free eye exams to infants under 12 months (optimal time is 9-12 months).  It's more of a screening rather then a real exam.  Eye docs can see eye drift tendencies and they check the general eye health of the retinas and etc.  (I work for an eye doctor).  Anyways, if you're interested it's called the Infantsee program and you can look it up online for a provider who participates.  Completely free!  I would do it either way but occasionally I notice that one of his eyes are a bit more "crossed" still.  The doctor didn't see anything concerning.  Good to get it checked out either way.  :)

It is HOT today.  For San Francisco that is.  Our little home is baking.  Poor kid.  He runs hot in his sleep anyways...hopefully he's not too uncomfortable tonight.

And that raps up my "lately" post.  Off to clean, do dishes, fold up my mound of clothes.  Trying to leave my husband with a relatively clean house before I head out for FLORIDA baby! Yeah buddy.  Yikes.  Only have tomorrow to do all that and make him some meals.  Friday I work all day and Saturday I'm outta here bright and early!  Wahoo!  Welp.  Adios! :)

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