Friday, April 11, 2014

This Week through Instagram

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm linking up with Jeannette at Life Rearranged today! is my week through my Instagram feed.  If you'd like to follow me I'm  @evangelistaluv.  I've changed my account to private buuuuut...I will likely accept you...being that you don't look TOO creepy.  :)

I've been rather active on Instagram this week because we got new phones and the camera is WAY better!  So fun!
I've been pooped lately.  Heck, I've been pooped since Jack was born but I was particularly pooped this week.  Here is my view from my bed.  And my long finger toes.  And my gold nail polish.  And my chaos.  And my plant that apparently leans toward the sun...significantly.  And Jack's Easter basket.  And my first ever quilt (done when I was 19) AND the dresser that I've been wanting to refinish for years.  Phew.  That's all.

Our truck is on the fritz.  So during my 2 days of week I go to work I am now commuting via train.  So, it was my first time and I left at 7:30am, almost forgot my pump which caused me to miss my connecting train.  I got to work at 10:30...45 minutes late to work.  A 1 1/2 hr trip took 3 hours.  Nice.  Hopefully next time will go a wee bit better.

 SELFIE!  The boy loves selfies.  Babies are so self-absorbed.  :)

Jack is obsessed with long skirts.  He will play in it for hours.  AND 5 seconds after this picture was taken...down the skirt went.  :)
Jason let Jack play in the dirt in the backyard apparently.  I found these by the washer.  When I asked Jason about it he said, "It was great!  They were like baby coveralls!  I just unzipped him and boom!  He was clean!"  Oh Daddies!  Don't you love them?!?  (The stains did NOT come out btw haha)
So, if you don't know I'm on a one year "shopping fast".  I'm not buying anything for myself (clothes, shoes, accesories, and etc) for a year.  I started in August.  It was a little hard at first but it's been pretty easy for a while now.  Easter though has been a little hard.  I usually buy some sort of something for Easter.  I have these flared white pants though that fit great on top but have always been awkward in the flare area.  I bought them quickly because our dress code changed at work banning jeans.  I just needed something and the price was right (good ole Target).  ANYWAYS, I found a tutorial online and converted them into slim pants and LOVE them.  Seriously!  So cool.  Now I have "new" pants to wear for Easter haha.
Back to the not shopping thing.  If it's taught me's taught me to use what I have.  I saw cute little turban head bands on etsy and I thought...I want that...I could make that.  So I did.  They are super fun and are a great, cute thing to use when you don't wash your hair, ahem.  :)

My baby stink bug.  This is how he sleeps.  He gathers his blanket and softie and sticks his little butt in the air.  I just want to eat him up.  :)
I've been in a weird funk off and on.  I really didn't want to go to Mom's Group this week.  As in I WASN'T going to go until 1/2 an hour before I had to leave.  But I went.  And it was good.  Of course.  The little monkey fell asleep on me and I decided to give you my best selfie face.  :)  And I said BABIES are self-absorbed.  Ha!  ;)
I met up with a friend I met through the blogging world on Thursday.  I met Ana, her husband, and their sweet boy at my favorite pastry joint and then we took our boys to Alamo Square and let them run around...well, Eli ran around.  Jack just chilled and tried to be cool and big like Mr. E.  :)  So, fun!  I love the blogging community.

Phew!  You made it to the end!  And THAT my friends is my week through Instagram!  I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!!!


  1. John sleeps with his butt up in the air too!

  2. for the stains on the "baby coveralls" lay flat, cover with powdered Oxyclean and pour boiling hot water over the Oxyclean. Wash IMMEDIATELY!

  3. What made you decide to do the no shopping for a year?? I love the idea since I'm sure it makes you look at everything you have in a new light and appreciate it more, plus not spend money. ;) And you get creative with sewing and all sorts of other projects I'm sure!