Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Socializing as a Mom

Is it just me or does becoming a mom open up a whole new world of "socializing."

Not sure if that's the right word.

I feel like now that I'm a mom I don't know how to interact and socialize.  I feel awkward.  Let me clarify that.  I feel fine with the people that I've known for a while...the people who knew me before I became Mama Anna.  I feel weird and out of sorts though when I meet with other moms who only have known me as a "mom".  I feel like I don't know what to talk about.  I used to see myself as an extrovert...kind of the life of the party...aaaaaand now?  Not so much.

Maybe I'm tired?
Maybe I spend so much time with a little babbley baby that when it comes to actually talking and carrying on a real conversation I'm at a loss?
Maybe I'm slightly self-conscious about my new(ish) role as a mom?

Has anyone else experienced this?

It's a little disheartening.  I feel like I really look forward to getting together with other moms and then when I do I leave feeling like, "Sheesh, I was awkward, stumbled over my words, said the wrong thing etc etc..."  I've never been like this guys!  I really RARELY care what other people think about me.  I mean...I want people to find me kind...but whether they prefer my personality, humor, style...meh, I never cared.  Now...I feel like I do.  And I don't know why/what changed?

Not sure what exactly I'm saying.  I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else experienced/is experiencing this...?

Or maybe I was just always awkward and in denial???  ;)  People who know me...don't answer that! ha!

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  1. You're awkward. :-) J/k. You were always the cool-cat. Ya, I think I remember those feelings, although as your kids get older, it opens up a social world in a GOOD way. I think of how many instant friends I have here simply because of my kids' ages. But, I think I've posted on this same thing a number of times... that it's just hard for me to think of anything "interesting" to say other than how many times I've changed a diaper or how many tantrums I've handled that week. :-)