Friday, April 4, 2014

Blog Partay 2014


Why not right?

I go back and forth on whether I actually want my blog to be read by people I don't know in real life.  If I really think about it it kinda freaks me out on occasion to think of putting myself...and my family, out there for complete strangers to know/interpret/judge/like/not like/you fill in the blank. 

And yet, I've come to love this crazy little space.
And overall, it's been really positive.  I can't even tell you how connected I feel sometimes to the outside world through this blog (especially being a mostly stay at home mom to a little one).  It's seen me through a lot of crazy times.  Heck, this blog was up and running back when I was a little bachelorette fresh out of college girl living in my awesome little studio.  It's seen me through engagement, wedding planning, a wedding...

a year in Chile as newly weds...

a move to San Francisco, grad school for my husband, the loss of a baby, the birth of a baby...

And I've met some seriously awesome people through this little space.  So...let's do it.  Let's meet some new peeps.

So, I'm joining up with 5 Minutes for Mom because...why not right?!?
If you want to put your blog out there and join the Blog Party here's the linky:


Welcome to my little space.

I talk a lot about my awesome husband of 5 years...he's that hunk to the right of your screen.  I talk a WHOLE lot about a certain adorable 10 month old monster that we call our first born son.  Jack.  Jacko.  Jackalope. Jack Attack.  He has an extensive list of nicknames.

We reside in San Francisco.  My husband is a college teacher and I stay home/work part time.  I love to sew.  I love to cook.  I've been known to do a cake or two.

I love LOVE to be outside.  We love backpacking (because we're doing a TON of that with a 10 month old, ha!). 

I feel like I'm sorta living a contradictory life.  If I could choose I would live in the mountains about 15 minutes from town with a hunk of property.  And yet, God has us in this big, crazy, broken, beautiful city.  And we are embracing it.  Dare I say...loving it.

So, that's a little about me.
Hope you stick around and get to know us a little more.

My Pinterest (though I'm taking a hiatus in an attempt to actually have some of my OWN creativity again haha)

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Thanks for stopping by!!! <3


  1. Hey girl! Stopping by from UBP! You have a very sweet little space here :)

    I know that feeling of vulnerability and holy cow anyone can read this! Just last night my husband was telling me about how a bunch of his co-workers read and discuss MY blog. Talk about ack!! But truthfully, sharing our story is something that I've really felt called to do and I have experienced nothing but blessings because of it. I hope you find it to be the same :)

    1. Thanks Courtney. I completely agree. It's always hard to put yourself out there...especially to people you don't know. But seriously, the blogging community has been such a blessing to me and I hope to some how be the same to others. :) Kudos for being the topic of your husbands office chatter! I completely agree on the ack feeling haha. ;)

  2. I love your blog. Visiting from the UBP14. It sounds like you have been on quiet a life adventure so far!

    My mom feels the only way she can keep up with my life is to read my blog, she used to feel that all our co-workers knew things about my life before she did, so she subscribed to keep up. I used to feel strange about have randomers read my stuff, but now I'm good with it. If I have a good tip or craft that will help someone I'm glad to share it.

    Have a great time at the Party! and enjoy the weekend! -Steph

  3. You definitely have a sweet little space here. Your son is so cute. Yeah only those cakes are kind of epic!
    It is kind of weird to have people reading about our lives, huh? Some of those people that have read my blog though have really saved my bacon over the years and brought new light and perspective to tough situations. Visiting via the UBP and glad to be here. I'll be back if that doesn't weird you out too much :) I love meeting other Mommies!

    1. Jennifer! Yes please do hang around. And thanks on the cakes. It's one of those weird hobbies that I like to bust out every once in a while. Thanks for commenting. :)

  4. I just found your blog thanks to the UPB14. I, am new to blogging and I have also been a little self conscious about people actually reading my blog! This post helped a little with that - so thank you! I love your cakes - so cute! I hope you will stop by my blog, “the most -- of every moment"!

  5. I was scared to share my blog with people I didn't know at first too. It's very difficult to put yourself out there for the world to see. I love your little space here. You have such a beautiful family. Wow, a year in Chile, that must have been awesome. I would love to move to another country for a year or two. And I love the name of your blog. Popping in from the UBP14!

  6. Well I am a complete stranger and I have been reading your blog for a while now (long before the party) and I really enjoy it. So keep it up:)