Saturday, April 26, 2014

This Week in Instagram...a little late.

So I usually link up with Jeannette @ Life Rearranged on Fridays for Instafriday buuuuut...I'm a little late.


Here's my week via Instagram.  You can follow me if you so desire @evangelistaluv.  :)

So as you know we flew to see some family in Washington.  Here's our fam bam selfie of Jack on his first airplane ride.  This was after getting him up at 5am.  He was a little tired if you can't tell haha.

Seriously, this kid is so entertaining.  I can't tell you how many times when together with family we end up circling around Jack and just watching him.  Fortunately he's also really easily entertained so it was pretty easy to keep him occupied in the giving high fives to Papa.

So this isn't an Instagram photo but I had to throw it in.  Jack had JUST had a good sized snack.  And then I went to eat a snack myself and when I wouldn't give him any (it was potato chips!) his world fell apart.  Seriously, the kid is bottomless.

Just a little rock climbing training at the cousins house.  :)

Our baby Easter bunny.  These bunny ears where $1 at Target and holy cow they were a hit.  He loved wearing them and man oh man was he cute in them.  That's also the little Jack man's 1st Easter basket there.  He had no interest in it except for the wind up chick that hopped around.

While at a coffee shop in WA I handed Jack off to grandma.  He started looking a little tired and she started to sing a Finnish nursery song to him.  A few minutes later...out.  He rarely does this anymore so it was so sweet.

The endless entertainment from the cousins was amazing.  Jack was absolutely in love with them.  The day after we got home he seemed a little fussy/bored because I think there was no one around to play with him like they did.  So fun.  I really wish we lived closer!

This Daddy loves his little boy.  And I think the feeling is mutual from Jack.  :)

And there you go.  I love Instagram.  So fun to take photos and have a little catalog of memories to look back on.  :)

Have a great weekend friends!

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