Monday, April 14, 2014

Jacko: 10 Months

Our little Jack is getting bigger...and BIGGER!
He's 10 months old!  I have more 10 month pictures but they are uploading on here upside down...and I can't figure out why.  So here is the ONE non-blurry, right side up photo.  ;)
Apparently 10 month old babies are VERY uncooperative at moments like this :)
Can I just say what an absolute joy this little guy is?  I told Jason and my Mom that I think we are at the easiest parenting stage.  He's adorable, he doesn't say "no" and can't talk back, he responds to our "no's", he takes two 1 1/2 hour naps, he's snuggly and loves us like crazy, he thinks we are hilarious, he plays on his own pretty well, he can't walk or run away from us.  I'm telling you, 10 months is SO fun.  Then again, with each passing month I keep saying, "Now THIS is my favorite month."  I think we just like the little stinker a lot.  :)

Anyways...moving on to what's new this month!

-FOOD is still an absolute favorite.  The kid eats a LOT and has yet to deny anything...except plain avocado.  But he likes guacamole no prob.  We have begun doing family dinners again (where we all sit at the table) and I'm really enjoying them.  Jack seems to be really pleased that he's at the table with us.  I think I can safely say that the little guy will probably be weaned from his day time feedings by the time he's a year old.  He loves water and so there will be no issues with keeping him hydrated.  He is less and less interested in breastfeeding during the day...but still eats like a champ for his 1-2 feedings at night...go figure.  So...we will see.

-SLEEP is pretty good (knock on wood).  Seriously, I hate telling anyone anything about Jack because as soon as I think I've got him pegged...he changes.  He is sleeping a 7 hour stretch...eats once...then wakes at 6 or 6:30.  On weekdays when Jason is up it's just time to wake up, he won't go back to sleep.  On weekends I can usually nurse him in the dark and put him back down until 8am or so.  Naps are good, though suddenly he has decided that he no longer wants to fall asleep on his own.  The last few days have been battles to get him down...when for months he would go down without any fuss.  Weird.  But eventually he DOES nap.  Soooo...can't complain there!

-He crawls like a mad man and walks along everything.  He also can stand on his own for a bit.  He has yet to do the squat to standing position without holding onto anything.  I think it will come soon though.

-He loves to clap and shake his head back and forth.  I'm not sure if he knows it means "no".  Sometimes I ask him a question though and he does it haha.  If he's not ready for the next bite of food he will shake his head too.  He also puts his hands in the air for the "all done" baby sign.  Though sometimes he does it at the wrong time.  Basically I think he's just starting to figure out this whole communication thing.
-His new favorite past time is what we like to call "the drunken baby crawl".  I have video of it but he's completely in the buck sooooo...I won't post it.  It's so strange though...and funny.  He basically raises up on his knees and throws his hands out, crawls in a half circle and does it again and again while babbling.  He seems very entertained by it.  :)
-The little guy is definitely a mama's boy but I think that Daddy of his is growing on him haha.  Huge smiles and full belly laughs that man can pull out of that baby.  So sweet.  And when Daddy leaves for work each morning Jacko whimpers and cries a little.  Poor little buddy.
-TEETH he finally broke ONE of those 4 teeth on top.  Just three more to go!  :)
-Other likes...the toilet (which he has figured out how to flush), bath time, his sippy with water, the dehumidifier (he hangs out with it like it's his BFF), the carbon monoxide detector which he has figured out how to push the test button (lovely), paper (to eat of course), his Choo Choo Train pj's, baby videos on YouTube, being on my back in the Ergo when I cook dinner or clean, teeth brushing (he's fascinated when we do it), our backyard, and little kids at the park.

Phew!  Now THAT'S an update!

So happy 10 months little man!

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