Friday, March 29, 2013

Week in Review

Hap happy Friiiiday!

  • Today is Good Friday.  The day our sinless Lord was led to the Cross to bare the world's sins.  How far I am from deserving such a thing.  What sweet, sweet grace. 
  • We are heading to Tracy tomorrow for the day to attend Jason's belt promotion in Jiu-Jitsu.  I also get to watch him spar which I'm totally excited for.  I've never once seen him bust out his Jiu-Jitsu moves.  yay.
  • My belly feels huge today.  Particularly large.  After lunch it felt like the sides were going to split open.  Everything just feels so tight.  I really need to scale back on the size of my meals.  There's just not the room in my stomach that there used to be.
  • Speaking of room.  Baby's movements are beginning to change.  I used to feel lots of kicks and it's more like rolls and "dragging" of limbs across my belly.  When he does kick the whole belly shakes.  Kinda funny.  He's also starting to cross into "ouch land".  There are a couple of places where he hits that hurt!  Little booger.
  • We signed up for our birthing class.  Kinda makes the whole thing seem a bit more real.  We did end up deciding on the shortened 3 hour version instead of the longer multiple day one.  Just they make you watch a REAL in the WHOLE thing?  If so, can I not watch?  Is that okay?  I mean, when you have knee surgery they don't sit you down to watch a real life knee surgery.  I just don't see why it's necessary.  And I'm a whimp.  Yeah, that too.
  • I had a guy at the grocery store yesterday tell me how jealous we was...while looking at my belly.  Weirdness.  Jealous because he's not pregnant?  Jealous of the baby to come?  Not sure.  I've found that smile and nodding is the perfect response to almost all weird pregnancy comments.  :)
  • Two nights ago I wanted ice cream.  I'd say it was a legit "craving".  Not a strong enough one though for me to actually get up to go buy some.  Jason was feeling lazy too so no ice cream for us.  That night though I totally had an elaborate dream about shopping for ice cream in the grocery store and Jason wanting Reese's ice cream while I wanted Oreo.  Funny.  That same night I woke up horizontal on the bed, flat on my back, with my legs completely hanging off the edge.  Gah.  Why do I always wake up on my back?  Oh well.
  • Let us rejoice for Sunday is to come, the day that our Savior conquers death and sin.  What a beautiful thing!  Thank you Lord for your great sacrifice.  What a Savior we have!
Happy Easter and weekend friends!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hump Day ;)

I'm totally immature and used to tell my friends in high school with a smirk and giggle, "Hey, guys, happy HUMP day."  Good ole' Wednesday.  :)

Anyways, work has been fine but as this pregnancy progresses and I get more and MORE tired I have begun looking forward to the weekend...a bit more than the norm.  I just want to SLEEP in.  The weekend means that no alarm will go off.  Especially no alarm at garsh darn 5:40am.  Yeah, those are swimming days.  I have a love hate relationship with Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Once I'm in the pool and I've completed my first 100m I feel so glad I got up.  It's everything leading up to that moment that makes me want to curl in a ball and sleep forever and ever.  Saturday we swim too but that's in the afternoon and let's just say...that's how it's supposed to be.  Darkness outside and exercise are totally not compatible.  Anyways...enough about that.

So, just thought that I'd let you in on a little secret.
I have nothing of real importance to say.  But, if I let this little bloggy blog sit unattended for too long it will go unattended for a loooooooooong time.  I'm sorta one of those all or none people.  Ya know?

We've been looking for a car as of late.  We have about 10 weeks max to find one.  It's one of those things that you don't want to rush into because you want a good deal/reliable car.  And yet, the reality of it is there IS a deadline so yeah.  And really, I'd prefer to not be looking for a car a week or two before Baby E is supposed to make his debut.  But, sometimes God likes to work things out at the last minute so...whatever happens happens eh?  Anyways, searching for a car in the Bay Area is a little overwhelming because there are SO MANY people selling cars.  So many choices and yet...not?  Some of them are just plain ridiculous.  Like a 1998 Honda with 200,000 miles and the paint literally coming off of the whole car and they want $4000.  Um. Yeah.  Reality check much?  Ain't no one going to buy yo' uh-gly car...considering there's a dude selling the SAME car with less miles and nice paint for $2500.  Yeah.  These are the things you have to sift through on Craigslist.  :)

Oh, and we registered for the babe last weekend.  Yay us.  Boo on going to Target the weekend before Easter with exactly 5,032 people cramming the aisles.  Jason HATES shopping.  He really dislikes box stores especially.  But we did it.  And it's done.  And I got really light headed and felt like I was going to pass out because a) I don't think I had enough water that day and b) I had a painful kink in my back which made it difficult to breathe maybe I wasn't getting enough oxygen???  haha.  Anyways, I sat on the diapers for 10 minutes until I felt like I could make it to the Starbucks cafĂ©.  But yes, we did survive hehe.

And that concludes my Wednesday post.
Happy Hump Day.  ;)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

28 Weeks: What up 3rd Trimester!?!

Hello 3rd Tri.

I can't believe you are here already.  You and your appt every 2 weeks and then arrival of a...BABY!  For real folks.  That's what's in me right???  Anyone else have a disconnect there?  I feel like it's not real.  That in 12 weeks there is no possible way that a real life baby is going to some how pop out of me.  Crazy pants.

Anyways, on to the updates!

My weight gain: 20 lbs as of last week.
Baby weight: about 2.5 lbs
Baby Length: 14-15 inches.

  • Baby is an active little bugger.  Kick, press, it.
  • Commuting to work is becoming increasingly difficult.  Little homie likes to press up into my rib cage on the right side (only the right side though) and it's rather uncomfortable.  Something about being in the car does it.  I'm thinking it's the position I sit in.  Who knows really.
  • Still swimming laps and loving it...except the whole 6 am part.  Don't love that.
  • Sleep is okay.  Not horrible.  I've been waking up with occasional calf cramps and rolling from one side to the other is getting a little comical.  I TRY to not sleep on my back but's the one truly comfy position and sometimes in my delirious half awake stupor I say to myself, "Just 30 seconds to relieve the pain in my hips"...then I drift off on accident and wake up all startled.  Other times I just plain wake up on my back...not sure how to stop this.    Sorry baby...I don't TRY to cut the blood off to you.  Yikes!
  • Food? Meh.  I have yet to have a craving.  Seriously.  I was extra hungry for about 2 weeks around week 18 but that was it.  I think I actually had MORE cravings when I wasn't pregnant.  I tend to know exactly what I want when it comes to food.  While pregnant though...whatever does the job. :)  Food dislikes though are...meat, coffee, chocolate is hit and miss, and marinara sauce always brings back that metallic taste I had the first tri.  Things that I tend to be okay with 99% of the time...sweet potato pop chips (seriously yum), fruit, salads (the kind that go way beyond the healthy point because of all the good fixings you add on), quesadillas, scrambled eggs, cereal, avocados, and greek yogurt. 
  • I have a baby shower in the next month.  I don't know many people at all in San Francisco.  I think I work too much to be social haha.  Anyways, just a small little shin dig in SLO will do the trick.  :)  Kinda exciting.  Just getting away from the city to SLO sounds nice.  Driving 4 hours while 31 weeks pregnant with a baby lodged in my rib cage...not quite so nice.  It's ok're worth it.
  • I ate Skittles this week.  For the first time since I was like 10.  Yummy but they made me extra phlegmy.  Sick.  Phlegm has been one of the many pregnancy side effects I've had.  Particularly yucky when lying down.  Blak.
  • We got a changing table with drawers over the weekend from Craigslist.  This completes our furniture needs for baby boy.  Yay.  But oh my gosh that spare room needs to be organized ASAP.  It's getting to the piling stage.  :)
  • I was told by my friend that I was the first "happy pregnant" person she's ever known.  I thought that was nice of her to say.  Despite the side effects I've had...pregnancy has not been a burden to me.  I actually...dare I say it...really like it.  It's such a unique experience and I feel very blessed.  What might change the "happy pregnant" attitude though is :) ....
  • I'm starting to get nausea again.  I thought it was just a fluke but it's been a week.  It's not all day like the first tri but it comes and go's.  That metallic taste in my mouth is also returning.  Oh well.  One more trimester to go.  I think I can handle it.  Just hope I can keep working up to the point that I was hoping.  I'd LIKE to work until the end of May.  We'll see though.
  • Oh and I think I'm getting stretch marks.  At first...I couldn't tell if it was just irritation.  It's only around my belly button.  The skin there is SO tight.  Today I looked at it and yeah...I'm thinking it's the real deal.  Kinda lame.  Whatever though.  I'm not really a bikini wearer so it's not like people will see it.  It's just a little front and center though.  :)  Ah pregnancy. 

And that completes my loooong 28 week update.  Happy Third Trimester to me!  <3

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Etsy Love

I love Etsy.

I've done a whole post of baby stuff that I would love from Etsy.
Etsy is a beautiful thing.  I love small businesses.  I love it when people are able to make a living doing something that they love and are gifted at.  I love purchasing people's "art".  Really that's what these products are.  They're art.  LOVE it.  So here's some eye candy for your viewing pleasure.  Some things I'm diggin' on Etsy.  :)

Hand Painted Necklace - Classic Beauty No. 1, Pretty Hand Painted Locket Pendant Necklace
The sweetest hand painted locket.  Made by HeatherKent.  You can find it HERE
Sale 2013 Illustrated Owl Calendar with Display Easel
Love these Illustrated Owl Calendars.  So stinking cute.  Made by Gingiber.  You can find it HERE.
up-cycled leather ballet flats. dark yellow.
I would love to one day be able to support someone's shoe making endeavors.  :)  I LOVE these.  Made by The White Ribbon.  You can find them HERE.

Womens Black Sweatshirt With Cowl Neck and Gray Details
I love funky asymmetric, unique clothing.  I totally dig this.  Made by Dressign.  You can find it HERE

Handmade Large Moroccan Lace Pitcher in Turquoise
I LOVE this pitcher.  So beautiful.  Made by Burning Fork Studio.  You can find it HERE

Landscape Painting CUSTOM Modern Abstract Sky Cloud FIeld by J Shears
If I had money.  I'd spend it on art.  Really.  I would.  The huz LOVES art.  He was an Art History minor...which he received while studying in Italy.  He actually SAW all the pieces he learned about.  Anyways, I love paintings and I love this one.  It's so real.  Abstract and yet not overly.  Made by JShears.  You can find it HERE

Anyways, that's all I got for ya.  :)  I can waste a LOT of time on Etsy...that's for sure.  :)  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hey Dudes.


I'm busy.

And getting increasingly tired.

The schedule is filling.  Here is a little taste.

This weekend I have a coffee date with a friend and then dinner with a different set of friends...we also need to register for the babe BEFORE the shower invites go out (what a concept).  Next weekend we go to Tracy for Jason's Jiu Jitsu belt advancement.  That's stud muff of a man is getting promoted, and it's also Easter.  The weekend after has nothing so far (thank you), the weekend after we go home for a baby shower, the weekend after THAT is our birthing class, the weekend after that...Tahoe.  After that we have one weekend off, then Jason "walks" for graduation.  He technically finished in December but they only have commencement in spring.  And then a couple more weeks and the baby should be making his grand entrance.  Oh my GOSH.  I'm doing everything I can to keep the latter part of May completely clear.  This mama needs her rest.  :)  Phew.  Some where in there we need to start putting together a baby room and buy a car.  Good grief.  Life is cuh-razy right now.  But I love it.  :)

Anyways, just thought I'd do a little checking in.
Happy Tuesday. 

P.S. Preggo update--"Hello 3rd Tri" coming soon.  :)  <3

Friday, March 15, 2013

This Week...

Hello Friday.
Oh wait...I have to work tomorrow.  Ah poop.  I shouldn't complain.  Saturday work days are both rare and shorter than normal but makes you feel like you never leave work.  Oh well.

So this week...

  • First off, you guys are amazing.  Like for real.  The feedback I got from you all on your fave baby products sorta rocked my world.  Like I want to marry each of a totally platonic not weird way.  Jason may or may not approve.  Depends on if you cook...and cook well.  He may be okay with adding a few good cooks to the mix.  :)  Totally kidding.  I think. :)  No really, there are decisions on baby products that I am making BECAUSE of your comments.
  • Had my monthly appointment today.  Uneventful as usual.  I'm a week from trimester numero 3.  Crazy right?  I did my glucose test too.  And I know I'm totally gross but I kinda almost liked it.  I mean, it wouldn't be my drink of choice but yeah.  Not bad.  It was ice cold though and gave me a total sugar rush.  I would imagine if it were room temp it would be pretty nast.  About 2 hours later though I felt like I was on crack and had a strong desire to eat a steak.  Probably to counter balance the sugar.  blek.  So, that part wasn't so great.  Hope I pass.  :)
  • The doc is telling me it's time to do things like register at the hospital and sign up for birthing classes.  For shizzles?  Sheesh.  Where is the time going?
  • Everyone is popping their babies out as of late and it makes me a little crazy excited to meet this little man in me who pretty much already has me wrapped around his tiny 28 week finger.  I'm such a sucker.  I totally defend him when Jason picks on him...don't make me get all "Mama Bear" on you!  Watch yourself.  :)  (Jason doesn't really pick on him...he just likes to poke my belly and try to make him move haha)
  • I got a smart phone.  Yeah.  I know.  I'm not against them per se.  I mean, it's convenient don't get me wrong, I just didn't want to pay all the money.  Anyways, we are paying $30/mth less for smart phones then what we were paying for our regular phones.  Go figure.
  • So, since I have a smart phone I now have Instagram which I totally love.  Yay.  I need some homies on that thing.  Any of you use it?  I'm evangelistaluv.
  • Friday date night tonight!  It's Chinese food and the new 007 from Redbox for us.
Welp, that wraps this week up.  Have a great weekend everyone! <3

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey You Mamas!!! 10 Questions...Your Answers.

Looks like I have me a baby shower next month.  Sooooo...I need to register for 'dis here baby in my womb.  But there is so MUCH baby stuff.  How ever do I know what is "good" and what is "meh"? So here is where YOU come in.  You experienced mothers, grandmothers, babysitters, child watchers.  Here are a few questions about baby products that I have thought of as of late.  Feel free to answer one, feel free to answer them all.


1. Infant car seat vs. convertible car seat:  So, the cheap/practical/why waste side of me says the convertible car seat.  I mean, it will work all the way through.  These though do not tend to come with the handle/snap in function for a stroller (i.e. you can't remove it from the car and carry it around).  Though I plan on baby-wearing mostly...I'm no fool.  If that child is sleeping away in the car seat I'm not sure I want to pull him out and wake him up once we get to our destination.  Ya know?  So infant car seat or convertible?  Which oh which? Please tell.

2. Name 2 products that you could not live with out while having an infant.

3. Boppy pillow.  Do you really use it or did you just grab a couch pillow and call it good.  :)

4. Baby Bassinet.  Needed or not so much?  We don't really plan on co-sleeping much (I am the heaviest sleeper ever...but we do have a king size bed so we'll see)  So, the babe will most likely be in it's own bed more often then not.  The crib will be in another room...a VERY close room (yay small house). :)  So, go for the bassinet by the bed because I'm going to be totally neurotic and checking on him every 5 seconds anyways or should we stick with the crib???  They also have those little co-sleeper bed things that you actually PUT in your bed with you.  Much cheaper.  That's a thought...?

5.  Breast pump.  I am most likely planning on being home so I won't need to pump very often, but I'd like the option.  Anyone have experience with manual breast pumps?  The electric one's seem ridiculously expensive.

6. Bottles.  Seriously?  How many options could there possibly be?  Sheesh.  The babe will breast feed primarily, especially at first but you know...the bottle option would be nice occasionally...if he'll take it.  Any faves?

7. Birthing class.  Necessary?  Not really?  I'm a kinda "do it yourself" type of person.  I'm a good researcher but I'm thinking maybe more for Jason's sake.  Will it help us?  Or do you just forget EVERYTHING once the circus starts?  :)  We're looking into a short 3 hour "power class".  You may be asking what my birth plan  I HAVE thought about it.  Really.  Ok, here's the low down.  I have never experienced birth.  Duh.  So, how am I to definitively set out a plan based on something I've never experienced?  Maybe I can't take the pain.  Maybe I have a 24 hour long birth and I'm so exhausted that I can't finish the process.  Maybe I need a c-section.  I will of now...I plan on it being non-medicated, natural, and vaginal.  But, I'm aware that complications happen and so in the end it's about the safety of the baby and not about "my plan."  There.  There you go.  :)  So, sign up for a birthing class or watch a You Tube video and call it good (kidding...sorta).

8. Moby wrap.  Cool?  Too much hype?  Will I be able to figure out the wrappy sequence?  Will Jason be able to figure it out?  How about the BabyBjorn or the Ergo?

9.  Natural nipple butter.  Any suggestions?

10. A soother.  Our home is tiny.  So my "plan" is to have very little extra "stuff"
 that takes up space.  A bed, a place to store his goods and change him, and a bath tub seems sufficient to me.  I would though like to do things like...take a shower, and maybe eat occasionally.  It seems like one of those bouncy, vibrating things could be they make them so they fold down?  Definitely no swing unless that somehow folds down.  There's no place to put one in our house.  Anyways, are they useful?  Should I wait to see what type of baby he is before buying one of those???  Whatchya think?

And that's it!  Thanks in advance for the advice.  :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Little Late...but THE WINNER!

Hey hey now.

It's been a busy weekend and well...I'm kinda pooped.  Just in time for a full work week.  I should really consider relaxing on the weekends :).  But that's just boring.  hehe

Anyways, on to the winner.

This months You Bake Me Happy winner is...


Which means that my winner is...
I have been eyeing these dark chocolate almond butter cookies but have yet to bake them myself. If I win, you get to do the baking for me and I will get to do the eating! Sign me up!

And there's even a new recipe to try included.  Win win!  :)

Shoot me an email with your address to a.evangel09 at gmail dot com and I will get your treats going.

Have a wonderful week everyone and once again...thanks for the comments and yummy treat ideas.  ;)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Week in Review

This week...

  • has been my first full week of swimming.  It feels really good...not going to lie.  I feel like it's such a good full body workout.  I can't believe I dreaded it so much, haha.  I think I'm beginning to venture into the "uncomfortable stage" of pregnancy.  I'm not too bad but I'm starting to feel my weight.  Before swimming I haven't had a "comfortable" workout in a few weeks.  In the pool though...weightless.  Love it.
  • this weekend we are having meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Yum.  It's such a down home cookin' meal.  There is nothing gourmet about it and I LOVE it.  I used to hate meatloaf because once I found a bug in mine as a kid.  I was traumatized for a while.  Now I love it.  Yum.  For my mashed potatoes I like to boil skinned yukon gold potatoes, whole garlic cloves, and get this...carrots.  When it's all soft you mash mash mash.  Add plenty of butter, salt and pepper, and some cheddar cheese.  BOMB.  Yeah.  I just said "bomb."  :)
  • I need a new book.  I've recently read The Lord of the Rings and am pages away from finishing the last book of the Anne of Green Gables series.  I've been slowly chipping away at that series.  What should I read?
  • We are starting to car shop.  Used car shop.  :)  We have a little Toyota pickup.  I LOVE the truck.  But it's not exactly baby friendly.  Let's clarify's impossible to carry two adults and a baby car seat.  The baby car seat wouldn't fit in the middle because the truck is a stick and you wouldn't be able to get it into 4th or reverse.  Kind of a problem.  Sooo...if we plan on actually bringing HOME this kid...we need another car.   The debate we keep the truck and become a 2 car family or sell the truck.  I'm inclined to sell the beloved truck but we'll see.  We're looking for either a Honda, Toyota, or Subaru...with 4 doors.  Really though...whatever is reliable and affordable.  I'm not picky.  :)
  • Maxi skirts.  I'm in love with them.  I would wear them every day if I didn't go to work and have people around to actually notice that I'm wearing the same outfit every day.  :)
  • I think it's time to go to our favorite pastry shop in San Francisco, Thorough Bread.  Seriously, it's the best ever.  If you are ever in the San Francisco area you should go!  For reals.  It's amazing. Their almond croissant has changed my life forever.
Happy weekend everyone!  Don't forget to scroll down and enter You Bake Me Happy Wednesday. <3

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

You Bake Me Happy Wednesday--March

It's March!

It's the first Wednesday of the month.

You know what that means right?

It's You Bake Me Happy Wednesday!!!  Oh yay oh yay.

What is this first Wednesday of the month madness you may be asking?

Find the whole low down dealio HERE.

Anyways, so let's do this thang.

The baked good category for the month of March is...something I have really had no craving for while pregnant.  Shocking huh?  It's just not doin' it for me.  I'd much rather have something fruity and tangy.  Who am I???  So bring on the CHOCOLATE!  Anything chocolate related.  Cookies, candy, bars, whatever!  If you A) hate chocolate or B) are fatally allergic to chocolate (how do you keep on living?) then leave a comment saying, "Hey fool, if I eat chocolate my tongue swells up and I go into cardiac arrest, I would rather have _________."  (and you fill in the blank).  For all of us normal humans yo' chocolate treat of choice!

Just leave a comment and if I pick your name (very randomly of course) I will mail you said treat (so you better pick wisely).  For example: Say my name is Gladys and I left a comment saying that I would love ooey gooey brownies to show up on my doorstep.  If I choose Gladys, then I will mail her ooey gooey brownies.  Get it?!? Oh yay!

The little drawing ends Sat at noon!  So comment before then.  Sat evening I'll let ya know who the lucky winner is!  


Side Note:  Yes, I will mail treats to people I don't know in real life.  Wait, blogland isn't real life?  Whaaa!?  Also, if you won last month you have to sit this one out.  But don't worry.  You are free to enter there after!

Monday, March 4, 2013

I Swum


and I garsh darn didn't drown.

Seriously, I have to tell was easier then when I used to swim pre-pregnancy (like 5 years ago, haha).  Two possibilities behind this?  #1) My butt has a heck of a lot more fat on it now a days...I was more buoyant because of this???  Possibility #2...and my personal preference ;)...I'm in better shape cardio wise then I was back then.  I can't remember how regularly I was doing cardio but I have a solid 2 years under my belt of non-stop cardio exercise.  So maybe I'm in better shape?  Or.....maybe a combo of both?


I got in the pool with very low finish a 1/2 hr of non-stop swim.  No counting laps, no speed work...just swim.  And I did 45 minutes!  And I could've kept going but I didn't want to over do it.  I'm glad I stopped because I was cuh-ramping like crazy through out the day afterwards.  Oh my gosh.  My butt and legs.  Out of control.  Anyways.  So far, swimming=success.  It felt really good and a far better workout then I've been pulling off at the gym the last 2 weeks or so. 

What up pool?  You thought you were going to school me huh?  Nope.  Fat pregnant Anna schooled YOU!


Happy Monday! :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Week in Review

It's Friday.  Time for a recap yo!

  • I am so ready for the weekend.  I have been dead dog tired this week.  Seriously.  I have no idea how the energy thing works but I sorta wonder if when Mr. Baby has a growth spurt I feel uber tired.  Not sure.  All I know is that I'll have a week of great energy and then 3 or 4 days of sluggishness.  Who knows.
  • My belly button is starting to look reeeeally weird guys.  First it looks teeny tiny compared to my growing belly.  Really funny if you ask me.  It's stretching too and's weird.  I have kind of a weird belly button an inny-outtie.  Does it ever go back to normal?  Poor belly button.  Such trauma it is experiencing.  :)
  • Speaking of belly.  I have three words for you.  Fuzzy, Itchy, Red.  Gah!  Lotion does nothing...well, it relieves for about 10 minutes.  As for the fuzz and redness?  Weird I tell ya.
  • My last day at my gym was yesterday.  Oh sad.  Actually, I thought I would be a lot more sad.  It's getting to the point though where I can't do any of the things that I once used to do.  The spin bike is too uncomfortable and I can't really run.  I will miss the free weights and giant mat for stretching though.  :)  I start swimming tomorrow.  Ack!
  • It's March!  Yay!  Spring is on it's way.  The cherry blossoms are off the hook up here.  I love cherry blossoms.  :)
  • Jason and I have a hot date this weekend.  We have "fun money" each week that we use to have little date nights or do something fun during the weekend.  We decided to skip using it last weekend so that we'd have more $$$ to try this Italian restaurant by our house.  It looks like something straight out of The God Father.  I hope the Italian mafia stops by while we're there to get some cannoli.  :)
  • Our laptop makes a really weird noise every time we turn it on.  Sorta freaks me out because there is a LOT of valuable stuff on this thing.  I.e. pictures, lesson planning stuff, and etc.  The laptop is archaic though.  Like REALLY old.  Jason got it when he was in college.  It looks like we are going to buy a portable hard drive to back everything up just in case this sucker decides to go to computer heaven on us.  I hope not.  We have a lot of things we're saving money for but a computer wasn't one of them.  :)  Isn't that how it usually works though???  hehe.
  • And this concludes my week in summary.  Have a great weekend!!! <3