Friday, March 29, 2013

Week in Review

Hap happy Friiiiday!

  • Today is Good Friday.  The day our sinless Lord was led to the Cross to bare the world's sins.  How far I am from deserving such a thing.  What sweet, sweet grace. 
  • We are heading to Tracy tomorrow for the day to attend Jason's belt promotion in Jiu-Jitsu.  I also get to watch him spar which I'm totally excited for.  I've never once seen him bust out his Jiu-Jitsu moves.  yay.
  • My belly feels huge today.  Particularly large.  After lunch it felt like the sides were going to split open.  Everything just feels so tight.  I really need to scale back on the size of my meals.  There's just not the room in my stomach that there used to be.
  • Speaking of room.  Baby's movements are beginning to change.  I used to feel lots of kicks and it's more like rolls and "dragging" of limbs across my belly.  When he does kick the whole belly shakes.  Kinda funny.  He's also starting to cross into "ouch land".  There are a couple of places where he hits that hurt!  Little booger.
  • We signed up for our birthing class.  Kinda makes the whole thing seem a bit more real.  We did end up deciding on the shortened 3 hour version instead of the longer multiple day one.  Just they make you watch a REAL in the WHOLE thing?  If so, can I not watch?  Is that okay?  I mean, when you have knee surgery they don't sit you down to watch a real life knee surgery.  I just don't see why it's necessary.  And I'm a whimp.  Yeah, that too.
  • I had a guy at the grocery store yesterday tell me how jealous we was...while looking at my belly.  Weirdness.  Jealous because he's not pregnant?  Jealous of the baby to come?  Not sure.  I've found that smile and nodding is the perfect response to almost all weird pregnancy comments.  :)
  • Two nights ago I wanted ice cream.  I'd say it was a legit "craving".  Not a strong enough one though for me to actually get up to go buy some.  Jason was feeling lazy too so no ice cream for us.  That night though I totally had an elaborate dream about shopping for ice cream in the grocery store and Jason wanting Reese's ice cream while I wanted Oreo.  Funny.  That same night I woke up horizontal on the bed, flat on my back, with my legs completely hanging off the edge.  Gah.  Why do I always wake up on my back?  Oh well.
  • Let us rejoice for Sunday is to come, the day that our Savior conquers death and sin.  What a beautiful thing!  Thank you Lord for your great sacrifice.  What a Savior we have!
Happy Easter and weekend friends!!!

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