Saturday, March 23, 2013

28 Weeks: What up 3rd Trimester!?!

Hello 3rd Tri.

I can't believe you are here already.  You and your appt every 2 weeks and then arrival of a...BABY!  For real folks.  That's what's in me right???  Anyone else have a disconnect there?  I feel like it's not real.  That in 12 weeks there is no possible way that a real life baby is going to some how pop out of me.  Crazy pants.

Anyways, on to the updates!

My weight gain: 20 lbs as of last week.
Baby weight: about 2.5 lbs
Baby Length: 14-15 inches.

  • Baby is an active little bugger.  Kick, press, it.
  • Commuting to work is becoming increasingly difficult.  Little homie likes to press up into my rib cage on the right side (only the right side though) and it's rather uncomfortable.  Something about being in the car does it.  I'm thinking it's the position I sit in.  Who knows really.
  • Still swimming laps and loving it...except the whole 6 am part.  Don't love that.
  • Sleep is okay.  Not horrible.  I've been waking up with occasional calf cramps and rolling from one side to the other is getting a little comical.  I TRY to not sleep on my back but's the one truly comfy position and sometimes in my delirious half awake stupor I say to myself, "Just 30 seconds to relieve the pain in my hips"...then I drift off on accident and wake up all startled.  Other times I just plain wake up on my back...not sure how to stop this.    Sorry baby...I don't TRY to cut the blood off to you.  Yikes!
  • Food? Meh.  I have yet to have a craving.  Seriously.  I was extra hungry for about 2 weeks around week 18 but that was it.  I think I actually had MORE cravings when I wasn't pregnant.  I tend to know exactly what I want when it comes to food.  While pregnant though...whatever does the job. :)  Food dislikes though are...meat, coffee, chocolate is hit and miss, and marinara sauce always brings back that metallic taste I had the first tri.  Things that I tend to be okay with 99% of the time...sweet potato pop chips (seriously yum), fruit, salads (the kind that go way beyond the healthy point because of all the good fixings you add on), quesadillas, scrambled eggs, cereal, avocados, and greek yogurt. 
  • I have a baby shower in the next month.  I don't know many people at all in San Francisco.  I think I work too much to be social haha.  Anyways, just a small little shin dig in SLO will do the trick.  :)  Kinda exciting.  Just getting away from the city to SLO sounds nice.  Driving 4 hours while 31 weeks pregnant with a baby lodged in my rib cage...not quite so nice.  It's ok're worth it.
  • I ate Skittles this week.  For the first time since I was like 10.  Yummy but they made me extra phlegmy.  Sick.  Phlegm has been one of the many pregnancy side effects I've had.  Particularly yucky when lying down.  Blak.
  • We got a changing table with drawers over the weekend from Craigslist.  This completes our furniture needs for baby boy.  Yay.  But oh my gosh that spare room needs to be organized ASAP.  It's getting to the piling stage.  :)
  • I was told by my friend that I was the first "happy pregnant" person she's ever known.  I thought that was nice of her to say.  Despite the side effects I've had...pregnancy has not been a burden to me.  I actually...dare I say it...really like it.  It's such a unique experience and I feel very blessed.  What might change the "happy pregnant" attitude though is :) ....
  • I'm starting to get nausea again.  I thought it was just a fluke but it's been a week.  It's not all day like the first tri but it comes and go's.  That metallic taste in my mouth is also returning.  Oh well.  One more trimester to go.  I think I can handle it.  Just hope I can keep working up to the point that I was hoping.  I'd LIKE to work until the end of May.  We'll see though.
  • Oh and I think I'm getting stretch marks.  At first...I couldn't tell if it was just irritation.  It's only around my belly button.  The skin there is SO tight.  Today I looked at it and yeah...I'm thinking it's the real deal.  Kinda lame.  Whatever though.  I'm not really a bikini wearer so it's not like people will see it.  It's just a little front and center though.  :)  Ah pregnancy. 

And that completes my loooong 28 week update.  Happy Third Trimester to me!  <3

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  1. We drove from Boise to Seattle for 10 hours when I was nine months prego for Christmas. YOU CAN DO IT! It sucks...but it's worth it for family. Also the baby shower is a huge plus. :) What did you register for?