Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Little Late...but THE WINNER!

Hey hey now.

It's been a busy weekend and well...I'm kinda pooped.  Just in time for a full work week.  I should really consider relaxing on the weekends :).  But that's just boring.  hehe

Anyways, on to the winner.

This months You Bake Me Happy winner is...


Which means that my winner is...
I have been eyeing these dark chocolate almond butter cookies but have yet to bake them myself. If I win, you get to do the baking for me and I will get to do the eating! Sign me up!

And there's even a new recipe to try included.  Win win!  :)

Shoot me an email with your address to a.evangel09 at gmail dot com and I will get your treats going.

Have a wonderful week everyone and once again...thanks for the comments and yummy treat ideas.  ;)

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