Monday, March 4, 2013

I Swum


and I garsh darn didn't drown.

Seriously, I have to tell was easier then when I used to swim pre-pregnancy (like 5 years ago, haha).  Two possibilities behind this?  #1) My butt has a heck of a lot more fat on it now a days...I was more buoyant because of this???  Possibility #2...and my personal preference ;)...I'm in better shape cardio wise then I was back then.  I can't remember how regularly I was doing cardio but I have a solid 2 years under my belt of non-stop cardio exercise.  So maybe I'm in better shape?  Or.....maybe a combo of both?


I got in the pool with very low finish a 1/2 hr of non-stop swim.  No counting laps, no speed work...just swim.  And I did 45 minutes!  And I could've kept going but I didn't want to over do it.  I'm glad I stopped because I was cuh-ramping like crazy through out the day afterwards.  Oh my gosh.  My butt and legs.  Out of control.  Anyways.  So far, swimming=success.  It felt really good and a far better workout then I've been pulling off at the gym the last 2 weeks or so. 

What up pool?  You thought you were going to school me huh?  Nope.  Fat pregnant Anna schooled YOU!


Happy Monday! :)

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