Friday, March 15, 2013

This Week...

Hello Friday.
Oh wait...I have to work tomorrow.  Ah poop.  I shouldn't complain.  Saturday work days are both rare and shorter than normal but makes you feel like you never leave work.  Oh well.

So this week...

  • First off, you guys are amazing.  Like for real.  The feedback I got from you all on your fave baby products sorta rocked my world.  Like I want to marry each of a totally platonic not weird way.  Jason may or may not approve.  Depends on if you cook...and cook well.  He may be okay with adding a few good cooks to the mix.  :)  Totally kidding.  I think. :)  No really, there are decisions on baby products that I am making BECAUSE of your comments.
  • Had my monthly appointment today.  Uneventful as usual.  I'm a week from trimester numero 3.  Crazy right?  I did my glucose test too.  And I know I'm totally gross but I kinda almost liked it.  I mean, it wouldn't be my drink of choice but yeah.  Not bad.  It was ice cold though and gave me a total sugar rush.  I would imagine if it were room temp it would be pretty nast.  About 2 hours later though I felt like I was on crack and had a strong desire to eat a steak.  Probably to counter balance the sugar.  blek.  So, that part wasn't so great.  Hope I pass.  :)
  • The doc is telling me it's time to do things like register at the hospital and sign up for birthing classes.  For shizzles?  Sheesh.  Where is the time going?
  • Everyone is popping their babies out as of late and it makes me a little crazy excited to meet this little man in me who pretty much already has me wrapped around his tiny 28 week finger.  I'm such a sucker.  I totally defend him when Jason picks on him...don't make me get all "Mama Bear" on you!  Watch yourself.  :)  (Jason doesn't really pick on him...he just likes to poke my belly and try to make him move haha)
  • I got a smart phone.  Yeah.  I know.  I'm not against them per se.  I mean, it's convenient don't get me wrong, I just didn't want to pay all the money.  Anyways, we are paying $30/mth less for smart phones then what we were paying for our regular phones.  Go figure.
  • So, since I have a smart phone I now have Instagram which I totally love.  Yay.  I need some homies on that thing.  Any of you use it?  I'm evangelistaluv.
  • Friday date night tonight!  It's Chinese food and the new 007 from Redbox for us.
Welp, that wraps this week up.  Have a great weekend everyone! <3


  1. Woo hoo@ Commence insta-stalking.
    Side note. Just saw "MINI CRIB" on amazon! Crazy. My niece actually slept in her pack-and-play the first year (with a better mattress inside) but we want a "real" crib. Now I'm seeing these mini's on amazon and wondering...this could be the space saver we need...I know you guys have a small place also so wanted to recommend...

  2. Last stalking comment for at least a while. Do you know where you plan to buy your crib? I haven't really priced much but Kohl's seems somewhat reasonable, plus if I apply for a Kohl's card during the right sales I can get 30% off PLUS $10 kohls cash for every $50 spent...which could get a lot of other stuff....anyhow...just hoping for some advice myself since I have zero readers on my blog LOL

  3. Christy! K. So we were originally planning on doing a mini-crib. I was just going to get it at Target to be honest. Then I thought to maybe search Craigslist and we ended up getting a fancy pants sleigh-style full size crib for $20. haha. They lady was asking like $50, I emailed her and then changed my mind. She pretty much just wanted it gone because her remodel was starting the next day so she offered it to us for $20. Shoot dang, why not. :) So, that's the sitch on the crib. :) It's still completely in pieces. 30 weeks is what I tell myself...that's when I'll start actually preparing for baby. I only have 2 weeks left, yikes. So,'ll prob be more like 35 weeks...who are we kidding. :) The pack and play sounds like an option...and I'm sure we'll get one eventually. I want something that can go in our room though for the beg. and the pac n play is too big. Seriously, our CalKing takes up almost our whole though. Wouldn't trade that sucker for anything. :) Anyways, I'd totally go for the mini if I had the choice! Seems plenty bug to me and def. a space saver! :)

  4. And that was not Jason btw. haha. Apparently SOMEONE forgot to sign out of their acct. ;)

  5. haha - I figured...and now I think I remember you blogging about your craigslist score. I need to start looking there more but I don't know what colors we want (nor do I really care) but even more my husband doesn't care AT ALL about colors, brand, or I think we are planning a Babies R Us test drive (play with everything that is in the aisles, lol) to give us a better much to do! CL is definitely the way to go, I've seen a couple things on there but trying to get the gender next week first!