Friday, March 1, 2013

Week in Review

It's Friday.  Time for a recap yo!

  • I am so ready for the weekend.  I have been dead dog tired this week.  Seriously.  I have no idea how the energy thing works but I sorta wonder if when Mr. Baby has a growth spurt I feel uber tired.  Not sure.  All I know is that I'll have a week of great energy and then 3 or 4 days of sluggishness.  Who knows.
  • My belly button is starting to look reeeeally weird guys.  First it looks teeny tiny compared to my growing belly.  Really funny if you ask me.  It's stretching too and's weird.  I have kind of a weird belly button an inny-outtie.  Does it ever go back to normal?  Poor belly button.  Such trauma it is experiencing.  :)
  • Speaking of belly.  I have three words for you.  Fuzzy, Itchy, Red.  Gah!  Lotion does nothing...well, it relieves for about 10 minutes.  As for the fuzz and redness?  Weird I tell ya.
  • My last day at my gym was yesterday.  Oh sad.  Actually, I thought I would be a lot more sad.  It's getting to the point though where I can't do any of the things that I once used to do.  The spin bike is too uncomfortable and I can't really run.  I will miss the free weights and giant mat for stretching though.  :)  I start swimming tomorrow.  Ack!
  • It's March!  Yay!  Spring is on it's way.  The cherry blossoms are off the hook up here.  I love cherry blossoms.  :)
  • Jason and I have a hot date this weekend.  We have "fun money" each week that we use to have little date nights or do something fun during the weekend.  We decided to skip using it last weekend so that we'd have more $$$ to try this Italian restaurant by our house.  It looks like something straight out of The God Father.  I hope the Italian mafia stops by while we're there to get some cannoli.  :)
  • Our laptop makes a really weird noise every time we turn it on.  Sorta freaks me out because there is a LOT of valuable stuff on this thing.  I.e. pictures, lesson planning stuff, and etc.  The laptop is archaic though.  Like REALLY old.  Jason got it when he was in college.  It looks like we are going to buy a portable hard drive to back everything up just in case this sucker decides to go to computer heaven on us.  I hope not.  We have a lot of things we're saving money for but a computer wasn't one of them.  :)  Isn't that how it usually works though???  hehe.
  • And this concludes my week in summary.  Have a great weekend!!! <3

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  1. Try coconut oil for the itchiness. It helped me a lot.