Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Come on Wednesday!

Come on Wednesday I have great hope for you!

We've had some series of rather unfortunate events around these parts.  Some hard life stuff that just reminds us this is not our home.  On TOP of that, let me tell you about the last few days.

Sunday: Jason was making me breakfast.  I went to help him dump the hot grease from the bacon and the handle slipped out of my hand.  I am really good about not cooking in my Ugg boots since I tend to be a messy cook and Uggs are not exactly cheap...and I'm sorta slightly in love with mine.  Anyways, I didn't even think about the fact that I was wearing them and yes...the bacon grease dumped all over them.  I think I would've cried no matter what but it felt a little more like salt on a wound at that point with all the other things going on.

Monday:  Our washer drains into a sink that's next to it in the garage.  I have no idea why.  It's weird but it's a washer in our house...in the city.  That's pretty much unheard of.  No laundry mat!  woohoo!  There is a plug though for the sink that I'm considering tossing into the ocean.  The plug was used to plug the sink for something and then was left there...still plugged.  Then the washing machine was used.  Then the sink was not doing it's job of draining the washer and instead overflowed and dumped water all over the garage.  And not on our stuff.  On the landlords tools and what not.  That was quite the cleanup.

Tuesday: I've stayed home sick the last two days.  Because of this my radar for what day it was/the date was a bit off.  I was laying in bed, half asleep when I heard the sound that will rise any San Francisco resident from a dead sleep who parks their car on the wrong side of the road on the wrong day...THE STREET CLEANER.  And yes, we were too late.  And it's not $50 anymore...it's $63.  How nice.

So, here's to you Wednesday.  I have high hopes for you!  Don't let us down! :)

**No really, we're ok.  You know though, sometimes it just feels like you're being refined.  I'm glad that God's not content with me and who I am.  That He desires me to grow and thrive...not just live stagnantly.  Sometimes in the midst of the refining though you just want to say, "Too hot!  Too hot!  Can you just turn it down a little bit por favor?"  :)  In the end though He gives us strength to endure all things.  Even ruined uggs, flooded garages, and absurdly expensive street cleaning tickets!  :)

Hope we ALL have a great Wednesday.  Adios!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July Post :)

Hey peeps!

I'm here for my monthly post.  Patheeeetic.  Oh well.  I have excuses and reasons that are actually surprisingly valid but rather than go on about them I will spare you.  Onward!

First, changes are a-happenin' at work.  Our optician is some how incapacitated and can no longer come to work.  So, we are once again hiring someone new.  Instead though we're hiring someone for my position and I will be moving into the optician position.  My docs are going to pay for any classes I may need and my opticians license in November.  They are so good to me.  They told me that they don't want to be the only one's to gain from me working at the office but that they want to invest into me and feel like I've gained skills and knowledge too.  With the move to optician is higher pay...so they are literally paying...to pay me more money in the end (does that make sense?).  God has blessed me mightily.

So the last couple of weeks have been a little bonkers.  I'm working like a mad woman lately since we're down a person at work until we hire someone new.  And we have spent a ton of time with family/friends.  So two weekends ago we were able to see and hang out with Jason's sister and family.  We haven't seen his sister since our wedding and we haven't seen the whole family for about...4 years?  Than 4 days later Jason's brother and sis-n-law cam up and stayed with us for a little while.  Than a few days later Jason's friend from his Italy days came up and visited.  And NOW J's ma and pa are on their way up as I type.  I love family time.  :)  And it's a FANTASTIC way to keep your house clean.  Gotta keep cleaning for the new company!

And some randomness (because I'm tired of writing in complete sentences) :).
  • the body no longer sleeps and I am not.digging.it.  Well, I sleep but I can't seem to sleep past about 6:30 and it is no bueno.  Well, no bueno on the weekends.  Otherwise it's not bad.  A lot easier to go to the gym in the morn that's for sure.
  • I feel like lately I've just been treading water.  I can't seem to get ahead though I so desperately want to.  I'm trying to decide if it's because I work full-time.  I know that this is probably cuh-razy but is it even just a tiny bit possible that you are able to get even just a tiny bit more done every day being a stay at home mom?  I know, crazy huh?  Nut-so.  Off her rocker.  (maybe it depends on the quantity/age of the offspring)
  • I think I would like to make new pillow covers for my couch pillows...
  • I made a 4th of July cake and it was so cute.  I busted out a basket weave pattern on the cake for the first time and it was super fun.  Seriously.  I love baking cakes.  Darn you California for banning in-home selling of baked goods.  boo.
And that is it folks.  Have a great weekend.  Hope you're asleep and not up like me!  :)