Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 Fabulous Facts for a Friday

1.  Fact: I am gaga over this new store that opened in San Fran. called "Typo."  It's an Australian company that does the cutest home decor/paper goods in the world.  Could have spent way too much money but instead walked out with a 50% off dayplanner that has a "baked goods" theme.  Love it.  TYPO  It also seems to have clothing on the website???  Weird.  The store had no clothing so not sure what's up with that.

2. Fact: I filed my taxes today and got an error saying that my social security number doesn't exist.  Whoops.  One off number does matter apparently.  Go figure that I would have Jason's memorized just fine and then get my own wrong.  Oh well.  It's resubmitted and all is well now.

3. Fact: I am in LOVE with my gym.  Do I say this a lot??? :)  I mean I love it more than coffee almost.  Like if I had to choose one to give up I would actually have to think hard about it.  Coffee would still probably win but for real...I love it.

4. Fact: I'm super hungry.  I am waiting for Jason to get home from Jiu Jitsu.  He's running late tonight.  It's now 9:20pm and there is no food in my belly.  Hungry...

5. Fact: I got a raise a couple of weeks ago.  A pretty good one.  It feels good to be rewarded for working hard.  We thank the Lord for it.  It was actually quite needed as our insurance premiums continue to rise.  But yay.  A raise!

6: Fact: Our 3 year anniversary is a-comin'.  Haven't decided what to do yet.  Probably dinner out.  I would love to get away though.  Maybe go snowboarding?  Too bad California hasn't realized it's WINTER yet.  Not that I'm really complaining.  It figures though that it doesn't snow on the one year we would like to actually go TO the snow.  Oh well.  :)

7.  Fact:  I don't like Christian music, ok there I said it.  Phew.  Thanks I feel a lot better.  Ok, let me clarify that.  I don't like mainstream Christian music.  It's yucky.  Sort of Backstreet Boys N'Sync gone Jesus.  I'm sorry if you like it.  I'm a horrible Christian I know.  It's just so..."pop".  I do not like pop.  I like rock.  Good rock.  Borderline hard core rock.  I also love classical, opera, blues, and etc.  But  There was a girl that sung at my church two weeks ago and she rocked my world.  She is a blues singer and I would like her to sing the background music to my life.  You can pay to have that done right?  :)  Anyways, she was literally phenomenal and I will tell you her name/band as soon as I find my bulletin.  Darn bulletin, where are you?  (I'm pretty sure she has a CD/iTunes thing going for her.)

8. Fact: Still hungry.  Where are you Jason?

9. Fact: Tomorrow is Friday and I am ever so happy.  I love Fridays.  Oh yay. 

10. Fact:  This is my 10th fact and I am DONE!  Have a great weekend lovelies! 



Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sunday plans did involve hitting this place for brunch...

Farmerbrown's Little Skillet.

Photo Credit
To have...

Chicken n' waffles at the cutest stinking little place (picture to left).  That's right, deep fried chicken (seriously one of my favorite foods) put on top of a waffle with maple syrup galore.  You can get a side of collards and have yourself a soulful breakfast.  This meal speaks to my southern raised heart...and stomach.  yum.  But.  They're closed!  Closed on Sunday.  I mean good for them for taking a whole day off but shoot dang, I want my soul food.  Oh well.  Next time.  We'll most likely have to wait in line anyway and being that it's raining I'm somewhat ok with waiting for a more pleasant weekend.

So Plan B involves lunch instead.  Not sure where to go but we'll figure it out.

In other news.  I busted out a cake this weekend for my boss's kids birthday.  She turned 8 and wanted a Hello Kitty cake.  Girlfriend does ballet so I thought I'd combine the two.  Hello Kitty is a very versatile cat.  She does everything don't you know?  Hello Kitty astronaut, Hello Kitty Rockstar, Hello Kitty "you name it".  She's sort of like our Barbie, except not quite so anatomically off.  Except for the huge head...hmmm.  Anyways, back to the cake.  So, it was a big fatty mama.  One of those half sheets and let me tell you.  That suckah took forever and a day.  Well, more like a night and a day but you get the picture.  It's over though and in the hands of the owner and I am left with these pictures to show you...
I'm a fool and didn't have Jason take the pictures.  With a point and shoot I am incapable of taking nonblurry pictures.  Jason's parents have one of those nice big Canon camera's that take the glorious pictures and I have no problem with that one.  See.  We should buy one.  :)  Anyways, we ran out of time and at the last minute I realized I didn't have any pictures of the cake so pulled it out, snapped a couple, and threw it back in the 'frige.  Jason has been building my "portfolio" he calls it and has been doing all my photos.  Oh well.  The next one.

Overall I like the cake.  It's very little girl which is what I was going for.  I wanted the pink on top to be a darker richer color but it didn't happen.  Fondant "matures" after you  color it and I thought it would end up darker. Oh well.  The two parameters where that it be Hello Kitty and that it say, "Happy Birthday Kaitlyn".  I'm a little weird about words on my cakes.  I know.  It's dumb.  I'd prefer to leave them off.  I got some letter cut outs though and they were the worst design ever.  I ended up having to free form them with fondant.  All that to say, this was a BIG cake and it took a lot of work.  I feel proud that I pulled it off though.

And I will leave you with a tip.  In case you decide to bake a cake today.

Cake Decorating Tip #47:
Never wear a fuzzy blue sweater when decorating your cake or you may spend half the job pulling fuzz out of your fondant/gumpaste thinking, "where the heck is this flipping fuzz coming from". (I know, total potty mouth right?).  Don't worry, I figured it out about 4 hours into it.  :)

Peace ya'll.

Friday, January 13, 2012

*~Self-Improvement and Some Other Things~*

I am forewarning you.

I have no agenda in mind for this post.

No reason to blog, just doing it to do it.  Watch out.  This could be dangerous.  :)

So, do you guys do New Year's resolutions?  I totally don't.  Usually.  This year I actually did a couple though...sort of.  More like goals and things that I would like to work on that should be done whether it's New Year's or not.  The strangest thing happened though with this new year.  Normally it comes and goes and I don't think twice about it.  This year though I had a strange feeling of...excitement?  Like maybe this new year will hold something new, something interesting....?  Or...maybe not.  :)

So, some things that I would like to work on. 
1. Strictly sticking to our budget.  Like for reals strict.  We're already strict but we could be better.  It's day eleven.  Feeling pretty good.  :)
2. Start saving for retirement...boriiiiiing.
3. Keep some more bags on etsy.
4. Give more (really, who doesn't have this as there's but seriously...I SUCK my right toe at this.)
5. Letting less negativity leave the mouth...esp. with Jas where I tend to drop my guard and talk a little more smack.  That's right, I talk about you.  Don't mess.  jk :)
6. Keep up on the whole foods/from scratch nonsense.  Seriously ya'll I'm making my own butter this weekend.  From what I can's easy.  Tutorial to come.
7. Smoke less weed TOTALLY kidding.  haha.  I know, I'm hilarious.
8. Purchase less.  Even if it's on sale.  Like say "no" to $5 shirts.  Even if it's on sale.  "But it's on sale" NO! Even if its on sale.  (sort of part of #1 I guess).
9. Drink less coffee.  I actually started this before Christmas because I was feeling like poop.  I felt so tired all the time and couldn't figure out why.  Started evaluating the obvious things and someone mentioned it may be the 4 cups of coffee I drink (I used to drink 1 cup, then 1 cup became two...two became four...I was pretty much pounding that amount from Sept to Dec.)  Shut up.  Don't judge.  So I'm down to one.  And I'm feeling great.  Go figure.  :)
10. hmmm.  So I don't have a 10th one.  Seems weird to end on 9 though.  uhhhh.  Oh well, 9 it is!

And THOSE my friends are some new goals for the year/my life.  :)

I want candy.  Like really badly.  Jason and I are cutting sugar for a month...well, sugary treats/desserts.  It's been 5 days and Jason already relapsed.  Last night at Bible Study he fell victim to a tin of Danish cookies.  Him and Noe inhaled those suckers while Emily and I sat by and shook our head in disgust.  No self-control I tell you.  :)

Oh snap I thought of a #10.  Use my garsh dern reusable shopping bags.  I have like 5 and I always forget to bring them and I always end up cursing Trader Joe's because their cheapo brown bags always rip.  Always.  Did I say always enough?

Ok lovelies.

Have a great weekend.

Until I fill your mind with my nonsense rantings again...


Saturday, January 7, 2012

You followed me here...

Therefore you rock.


So, I find this dumb blogger to be really irritating.  Can you guys let me know if you can/can't comment on this suckah?  If you can't, I'm stumped...and blogger currently hates me.  Oh well.

Hopefully moving to a different blog will help.  I seriously contemplated stopping altogether.  Yeah, shocker I know.  I think I've been blogging for at least 4 years.  That's a long time.  I don't know that I've ever done something that long :)  I guess the temptation to stop exists because I don't really FEEL like blogging and don't really feel like there's many blog-worthy things to say.  BUT, it's a new year baby.  So, who knows that 2012 will bring.

Have a great weekend.  Our weekend agenda involves coffee, Chinese pastries (hello lotus mooncake...come to mama), and a stroll through Golden Gate Park.

PS: I have 2 cakes in the works for the next month and they will be da bomb (well, so far in my head they are at least, haha).  Seriously excited...and can't wait to show ya'll the finished work, that is if they look cool.  If they don't I will silently slip away and pretend like the events never happened.  Yeah.