Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 Fabulous Facts for a Friday

1.  Fact: I am gaga over this new store that opened in San Fran. called "Typo."  It's an Australian company that does the cutest home decor/paper goods in the world.  Could have spent way too much money but instead walked out with a 50% off dayplanner that has a "baked goods" theme.  Love it.  TYPO  It also seems to have clothing on the website???  Weird.  The store had no clothing so not sure what's up with that.

2. Fact: I filed my taxes today and got an error saying that my social security number doesn't exist.  Whoops.  One off number does matter apparently.  Go figure that I would have Jason's memorized just fine and then get my own wrong.  Oh well.  It's resubmitted and all is well now.

3. Fact: I am in LOVE with my gym.  Do I say this a lot??? :)  I mean I love it more than coffee almost.  Like if I had to choose one to give up I would actually have to think hard about it.  Coffee would still probably win but for real...I love it.

4. Fact: I'm super hungry.  I am waiting for Jason to get home from Jiu Jitsu.  He's running late tonight.  It's now 9:20pm and there is no food in my belly.  Hungry...

5. Fact: I got a raise a couple of weeks ago.  A pretty good one.  It feels good to be rewarded for working hard.  We thank the Lord for it.  It was actually quite needed as our insurance premiums continue to rise.  But yay.  A raise!

6: Fact: Our 3 year anniversary is a-comin'.  Haven't decided what to do yet.  Probably dinner out.  I would love to get away though.  Maybe go snowboarding?  Too bad California hasn't realized it's WINTER yet.  Not that I'm really complaining.  It figures though that it doesn't snow on the one year we would like to actually go TO the snow.  Oh well.  :)

7.  Fact:  I don't like Christian music, ok there I said it.  Phew.  Thanks I feel a lot better.  Ok, let me clarify that.  I don't like mainstream Christian music.  It's yucky.  Sort of Backstreet Boys N'Sync gone Jesus.  I'm sorry if you like it.  I'm a horrible Christian I know.  It's just so..."pop".  I do not like pop.  I like rock.  Good rock.  Borderline hard core rock.  I also love classical, opera, blues, and etc.  But  There was a girl that sung at my church two weeks ago and she rocked my world.  She is a blues singer and I would like her to sing the background music to my life.  You can pay to have that done right?  :)  Anyways, she was literally phenomenal and I will tell you her name/band as soon as I find my bulletin.  Darn bulletin, where are you?  (I'm pretty sure she has a CD/iTunes thing going for her.)

8. Fact: Still hungry.  Where are you Jason?

9. Fact: Tomorrow is Friday and I am ever so happy.  I love Fridays.  Oh yay. 

10. Fact:  This is my 10th fact and I am DONE!  Have a great weekend lovelies! 



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