Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sunday plans did involve hitting this place for brunch...

Farmerbrown's Little Skillet.

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To have...

Chicken n' waffles at the cutest stinking little place (picture to left).  That's right, deep fried chicken (seriously one of my favorite foods) put on top of a waffle with maple syrup galore.  You can get a side of collards and have yourself a soulful breakfast.  This meal speaks to my southern raised heart...and stomach.  yum.  But.  They're closed!  Closed on Sunday.  I mean good for them for taking a whole day off but shoot dang, I want my soul food.  Oh well.  Next time.  We'll most likely have to wait in line anyway and being that it's raining I'm somewhat ok with waiting for a more pleasant weekend.

So Plan B involves lunch instead.  Not sure where to go but we'll figure it out.

In other news.  I busted out a cake this weekend for my boss's kids birthday.  She turned 8 and wanted a Hello Kitty cake.  Girlfriend does ballet so I thought I'd combine the two.  Hello Kitty is a very versatile cat.  She does everything don't you know?  Hello Kitty astronaut, Hello Kitty Rockstar, Hello Kitty "you name it".  She's sort of like our Barbie, except not quite so anatomically off.  Except for the huge head...hmmm.  Anyways, back to the cake.  So, it was a big fatty mama.  One of those half sheets and let me tell you.  That suckah took forever and a day.  Well, more like a night and a day but you get the picture.  It's over though and in the hands of the owner and I am left with these pictures to show you...
I'm a fool and didn't have Jason take the pictures.  With a point and shoot I am incapable of taking nonblurry pictures.  Jason's parents have one of those nice big Canon camera's that take the glorious pictures and I have no problem with that one.  See.  We should buy one.  :)  Anyways, we ran out of time and at the last minute I realized I didn't have any pictures of the cake so pulled it out, snapped a couple, and threw it back in the 'frige.  Jason has been building my "portfolio" he calls it and has been doing all my photos.  Oh well.  The next one.

Overall I like the cake.  It's very little girl which is what I was going for.  I wanted the pink on top to be a darker richer color but it didn't happen.  Fondant "matures" after you  color it and I thought it would end up darker. Oh well.  The two parameters where that it be Hello Kitty and that it say, "Happy Birthday Kaitlyn".  I'm a little weird about words on my cakes.  I know.  It's dumb.  I'd prefer to leave them off.  I got some letter cut outs though and they were the worst design ever.  I ended up having to free form them with fondant.  All that to say, this was a BIG cake and it took a lot of work.  I feel proud that I pulled it off though.

And I will leave you with a tip.  In case you decide to bake a cake today.

Cake Decorating Tip #47:
Never wear a fuzzy blue sweater when decorating your cake or you may spend half the job pulling fuzz out of your fondant/gumpaste thinking, "where the heck is this flipping fuzz coming from". (I know, total potty mouth right?).  Don't worry, I figured it out about 4 hours into it.  :)

Peace ya'll.

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  1. YES!! I'm just saying Yes to adventure...

    ANYwho... I like the cake. It's the bomb-diggity. You are muy talented. And I think I should be able to buy one of those expensive cameras too. I REALLY want one. Maybe I'll get one one day.