Saturday, January 7, 2012

You followed me here...

Therefore you rock.


So, I find this dumb blogger to be really irritating.  Can you guys let me know if you can/can't comment on this suckah?  If you can't, I'm stumped...and blogger currently hates me.  Oh well.

Hopefully moving to a different blog will help.  I seriously contemplated stopping altogether.  Yeah, shocker I know.  I think I've been blogging for at least 4 years.  That's a long time.  I don't know that I've ever done something that long :)  I guess the temptation to stop exists because I don't really FEEL like blogging and don't really feel like there's many blog-worthy things to say.  BUT, it's a new year baby.  So, who knows that 2012 will bring.

Have a great weekend.  Our weekend agenda involves coffee, Chinese pastries (hello lotus mooncake...come to mama), and a stroll through Golden Gate Park.

PS: I have 2 cakes in the works for the next month and they will be da bomb (well, so far in my head they are at least, haha).  Seriously excited...and can't wait to show ya'll the finished work, that is if they look cool.  If they don't I will silently slip away and pretend like the events never happened.  Yeah.



  1. comment, comment. Comment. Comment.......... comment! Yup, I can comment. how many times can I say comment? A Lot apparently.... :0) Off to change your linky link...

  2. I know the feeling about blog-quitting. I want to often too... but, your blog (whenever you DO post) is one of my favs. I love your humor and way of writing. Love you and your new blog!

  3. i love reading your writing anna, so don't stop. you always have a nack for making me laugh, so I'll be switching you on my blogroll and will continue reading! :)

  4. SWITCHED! See, that wasn't so bad.

  5. suh-weet! I'm so glad that solved it. yay! Thanks guys for reading...and commenting :)