Friday, January 13, 2012

*~Self-Improvement and Some Other Things~*

I am forewarning you.

I have no agenda in mind for this post.

No reason to blog, just doing it to do it.  Watch out.  This could be dangerous.  :)

So, do you guys do New Year's resolutions?  I totally don't.  Usually.  This year I actually did a couple though...sort of.  More like goals and things that I would like to work on that should be done whether it's New Year's or not.  The strangest thing happened though with this new year.  Normally it comes and goes and I don't think twice about it.  This year though I had a strange feeling of...excitement?  Like maybe this new year will hold something new, something interesting....?  Or...maybe not.  :)

So, some things that I would like to work on. 
1. Strictly sticking to our budget.  Like for reals strict.  We're already strict but we could be better.  It's day eleven.  Feeling pretty good.  :)
2. Start saving for retirement...boriiiiiing.
3. Keep some more bags on etsy.
4. Give more (really, who doesn't have this as there's but seriously...I SUCK my right toe at this.)
5. Letting less negativity leave the mouth...esp. with Jas where I tend to drop my guard and talk a little more smack.  That's right, I talk about you.  Don't mess.  jk :)
6. Keep up on the whole foods/from scratch nonsense.  Seriously ya'll I'm making my own butter this weekend.  From what I can's easy.  Tutorial to come.
7. Smoke less weed TOTALLY kidding.  haha.  I know, I'm hilarious.
8. Purchase less.  Even if it's on sale.  Like say "no" to $5 shirts.  Even if it's on sale.  "But it's on sale" NO! Even if its on sale.  (sort of part of #1 I guess).
9. Drink less coffee.  I actually started this before Christmas because I was feeling like poop.  I felt so tired all the time and couldn't figure out why.  Started evaluating the obvious things and someone mentioned it may be the 4 cups of coffee I drink (I used to drink 1 cup, then 1 cup became two...two became four...I was pretty much pounding that amount from Sept to Dec.)  Shut up.  Don't judge.  So I'm down to one.  And I'm feeling great.  Go figure.  :)
10. hmmm.  So I don't have a 10th one.  Seems weird to end on 9 though.  uhhhh.  Oh well, 9 it is!

And THOSE my friends are some new goals for the year/my life.  :)

I want candy.  Like really badly.  Jason and I are cutting sugar for a month...well, sugary treats/desserts.  It's been 5 days and Jason already relapsed.  Last night at Bible Study he fell victim to a tin of Danish cookies.  Him and Noe inhaled those suckers while Emily and I sat by and shook our head in disgust.  No self-control I tell you.  :)

Oh snap I thought of a #10.  Use my garsh dern reusable shopping bags.  I have like 5 and I always forget to bring them and I always end up cursing Trader Joe's because their cheapo brown bags always rip.  Always.  Did I say always enough?

Ok lovelies.

Have a great weekend.

Until I fill your mind with my nonsense rantings again...



  1. Hi Anna: this is a test, love youe lots kiddo. Pops

  2. Ok, I figured it out. It's annoying of course. I logged on with my Yahoo address and it would only let me publish using the Google drop down bar. Not that big of a deal, you just have to log into the Google Blogger thing first.

    Those are some good goals for the new year. My biggest goal is to run more, it's the one exersize that seems to help me maintain my girlish figure haha. Lotsa love Annabannana