Thursday, April 3, 2014

Little Updates


I feel tired guys.

The boy is in the midst of teething.  Have I been saying that for the last month?!?  Why, yes I have.  Those top teeth are taking foreeeeeever to pop through.  I can see them but they seem to be frozen in that "just below the surface" spot.  His bottom two popped out so fast.  Anyways, I'm giving this as the reason for his crazy sleep.  Last night was actually back to normal but I'm not holding my breath.  I'm also beginning to wean him at night.  He was eating 2x's.  We are now down to once.  So...there's that.

Anyways, recently Jason and I attempted a photo sesh with Jack.  Ha!  Good times.  First, I learned that I am not all.  I tried to make Jack smile...meh.  He'd stare at me with that bottom left expression.  "Stop mom, just stop.  You're good for snuggles and milk.  You are not funny."  Well, fine then.  Here are 4 of our 236 failed attempts.  :)  I was actually able to come up with some that were half way decent with the help of editing so I think in the end it was mostly a success.  And YES...Jack's 1 year is in 2 months but I'm traveling a lot the next month so I'm trying to NOT wait until the last week to do everything (which is what usually happens) for his little party.  I happen though to be a party person...I really like planning...and the cake.  Oh, the cake.  And's more for me then for him.  So, take a gander at my Baby Hiawatha outtakes.  :)
 Anyways, once the invite is all done and ordered/sent I'll let ya'll take a peaksy also.

Other news.  Jason had spring break last week which was basically wonderful.  I worked a little extra but we also spent time together.  At this point we have Sunday together so a few extra days is always nice.

On Saturday on the way home from work I believe our truck started to die.  Basically I started praying like mad that I would make it home.  I didn't want to pay for a tow.  I also have a fear of breaking down in the middle of the highway and causing a huge traffic jam.  I made it...but the truck basically barely accelerates and shakes like crazy.  Poor Pickles (our trucks name ;) ) I have no idea what that means but I'm taking the train to work now...which adds some extra time to my commute.  Boo.

And finally this next month is looking a little crazy.  And honestly...I'm embracing it.  I love travel and diversity.  I love my little routine with Jack but I think I'm also ready to stir it up a bit.  We have family coming up, then a trip to Washington, Jason's birthday, then his mom up, then I head off to Florida.  It will be exhausting but I'm ready.  :)  Any tips on entertaining an active 10 month old on the plane? Ha! ;)

Hope all is well on your side of the computer.  Adios!


  1. I feel ya on the whole tired and travel thing. John still eats twice a night also but I delegated he 11pm to Zach (formula samples we got) and I still nurse the 4am. Except Zach usually forgets and John slept through it last night. So it seems my plan to wean the 4am feed FIRST is a bust. Oh well. At least I'm in bed by 10:30.
    So I spent a good hour researching (again) flying with babies. My favorite quote was, "now is not the time for wooden blocks and carrot sticks. Break out the electronics and fun snacks." I want to figure out how to get some of John's favorite YouTube vids (3) onto our iPad mini so we can watch them without wifi. He also has 2 other apps we let him play with every couple days, a twinkle twinkle one that just sings the song (memorizing!) and peekaboo barn which was recommended on one of the blogs. (It's like an electronic see and say.). I know you might not have a tablet but even if you have access to tthese on your phone it can buy you some time.

    I also want to buy John his toy:

  2. ...blogger wouldn't let me type more after pasting... So anyhow I think the toy is a little old for him but if he seems ready in July for our trip I will probably get it for him. We fly to CO in June as a warm up so we will see how that goes first. The other tips we used when we flew last time (3 mo) was to wear pants and a t-shirt (not onesie) so diaper changes are easier. And check TSA but you should be able to bring liquids/foods for him through that wouldn't not ally fall within the 311 guidelines.
    Plus quiet book! I can send you some early done pages if you want, if I can get them from people. If you think Jack would play with it...