Monday, May 19, 2014

Jack: 11 Months

11 Months!!!

Can you believe that in less than a month we will have a 1 year old?!?!
Blows my mind.

We are having so much fun with this little guy.  This age.  Gah.  I'm in love with it.

Also, I have basically no pictures of this little guy this month because they were all on my phone that died.  Trying to not be sad about it.  :(
Anyways, so what's new?

-We have a WALKER!  He took a few steps here and there before I left for Florida and while at Jenny's he took more and more.  Now he will always try to walk first...usually makes it.  But still sometimes falls.  He's more steady now.  Less of that drunken baby look.  Which I LOVED by the way.  So cute.
-The babbling is non-stop.  I swear he thinks he's saying things in a totally understandable way.  Like he looks straight at me, babbles, and then pauses.  Maybe he's waiting for an answer from me?  :)
-A few days ago we went to the doctor for a strep test since I have it and Jack now has a fever, so I actually know his weight!!!  21 lbs. 8 oz.  He is heavy...and just plain solid.  Someone described him as a "bruiser".  I think that's pretty accurate.  Not super tall, but stout.  :)  I'm sticking with my "bulldog" description that I started using when he was like 4 months old. (P.S.  It wasn't strep.  Its was Roseola that came at the same time as my strep.  Lovely.)
-I feel like "play" is starting to come together.  He's more purposeful with it.  Refrigerator magnets are basically the coolest thing we learned at Jenny's.  He's figured out how to play the xylophone thingy that we have.  He likes to open and close anything.  Water bottles, doors, the cap to the thermometer case.  Pushing any and all toys under the couch and then pulling them back out is apparently quite entertaining.  Whatever makes you happy kid.  :)
-Sleep is not too bad.  He wavers between sleeping through the night and waking up once.  I can handle that.  :)  His new wake up in 6am on the dot.  I am slooooowly getting used to this.
-Naps are still twice a day...though I feel like he needs three sometimes.  Instead I moved his bedtime up to 7pm.  Seems to help a little.
-Stuffed animals.  Let's talk about these things.  Why is it that whatever I have decided I will NEVER buy for my kids...the kid is bound to love.  He LOVES them.  As in he HUGS them.  As in when we were at the toy store getting a few little items for his birthday he got so excited at the pile of stuffed dogs.  And after letting him hold one he cried when I wheeled him away.  Stuffed animals are just one of those things that of those things that if you aren't careful will multiply like little bunnies and suddenly you'll have 53 of them.  I shouldn't talk though because I fully remember playing with mine as a kid.  Oh well.  :)
-He has a little will.  I think I've heard people describe their little one's as "willfull" sometimes.  I think so far he doesn't show this tendency.  He is very responsive to "no" and the occasional discipline.  He totally gets it and responds accordingly.  Anyways, his little will is emerging though.  It makes Jason and I laugh.  Like we had to reprove the whole throwing food off the highchair thing.  Jason reprimanded him and Jack's look was just...hilarious.  It's like you want them to take you seriously but sometimes you just want to laugh!!!!

And that's 11 months for you!  Can't wait for the ONE YEAR update.  Which will probably be the last official every month update that I will do.  Awe sad. 
Having fun prepping for Jack's 1st birthday party!!!

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  1. No no no you've got to keep on with the updates. They are too cute. Can't wait to see you guys.