Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday!
Mom's can say that right?!?

  • This will be my second Friday and Saturday where I'm not going into work.  And you know?  It almost feels like I never DID go to work.  I think that I was far enough detached from the working world after having Jack and becoming part time that the transition to fully staying home has been pretty easy.
  • Jason is just completing his first week at his new job!  Yay!  He REALLY likes it.  And you want to know something even cooler?  His boss just hired 2 other people from SFSU that he taught with there.  Two other people that he highly recommended and really wanted to keep working with.  So...he even has some buddies there now.  :)
  •  Speaking of the new job, we just got word that he will for sure be moving to the Berkeley campus in January.  Right now they are at the downtown San Francisco campus.  I guess they were temporarily moved down there.  Anyways, we were aware of this possibility before he was hired.  It means we are rethinking our housing situation.  If you don't know we literally live in a 500 sq ft place.  Our living room is a living room, dining room, kitchen all in one.  And it's a room that is smaller then most master bedrooms.  It DOES have two separate bedrooms though.  Anywho, we LOVE the place.  It was literally a perfect place to live while Jason was in school.  Perfect I tell you.  We have been beyond blessed.  Adding Jack in hasn't been so bad but adding another child eventually...yeah.  Could be interesting...though doable.  Throw in a decent commute for Jason.  We could move to the East Bay close to his job and get an actual HOUSE for close to what we are paying for this place in the city.  So...we are keeping our options open.  Seeing where the Lord wants up to go.
  • My smartphone is dead and I've been rocking the old school phone with the keyboard and all.  I don't miss the internet access as much as I thought I would...but I DO miss having a decent camera on me at all times.  Like I really miss it.
  • Jack is 11 months old!  One more month and he's a ONE YEAR OLD!  I have an 11 month post in the works.  Oh, and he's fully walking. :)
  • And since Jack pulled some 5am nonsense this morning I'm off to clear the 500 things off my bed and go to sleep...and you will in turn read this tomorrow...because it's currently Thursday night and it would be weird to post a blog titled "Friday Ramblings" on a Thursday.  Yup.
Happy Friday!!!

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