Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This and That

There have been a lot of posts like this lately.  Little blurps.  Little glimpses of what's going on in our lives. is yet another one.  Enjoy.

  • We are taking the plunge.  We have a car.  Well, a truck.  We planned to buy a car before Jack was born.  As in we looked and looked.  Test drove and test drove.  We had a limited amount of money and we wanted to buy it outright.  We just never found the right one so we never got one.  Then Jack came and the truck just sat there.  I would use it for work once I went back 2 days a week but that was it.  Oh, and I used it to grocery shop too.  A lot of people skip the car in San Francisco.  We started thinking...what if we just sell the truck?  It can't really hold Jack, I'm not working anymore.  The only thing that was left was grocery shopping.  Well, for the last month I've had my groceries delivered by Instacart soooo the car has sat there for a whole month, untouched.  Except to move it for street cleaning.  Which we forgot once.  Hello $65 ticket.  Ouch. :(  So, we are selling our beloved truck that has served us so well.  Anyways, we really haven't missed not using the car the last month.  We also have a Zipcar membership if we ever want to take a day trip somewhere.  So there you go.  Adios car!!!
  • Jason's new job is going swimmingly.  It's just perfect for him.  I mean really.  God is SO good, is He not???
  • My house is an utter disaster right now.  I's bad.  I just have felt zero motivation to clean it.  Awful right?  I give myself another day or so of tolerating it and then I will go into a frantic cleaning frenzy.  That's how I roll I guess.  All or nothing.  :)
  • So I kinda have sweaty pits.  TMI?  Really though.  I can get kinda funky musky.  Even regular deodorant doesn't really keep me all that fresh the whole day.  I also hate using antiperspirant but it's hard to find deodorant without it for girls.  I've tried the natural stuff and it did NOT work for me.  Recently my friend Kate posted on her blog a natural homemade deodorant that she uses and I decided to give it a try.  SERIOUSLY!  It's amazing.  Like after a whole day of baby wearing in 95 degree weather through the city I was STILL fresh.  My husband was even impressed ha!  Anyways, here's the link!  Seriously, make it!  It's amazing!  Kate's Deodorant
  • I had strep.  Well, I thought I just had a nasty sore throat.  I kept waiting for the rest of the cold to come on.  Then there was the day that I could NOT swallow my spit without flinching.  It hurt so bad I basically wanted to cry.  Then I got a fever.  Then I finally went in to get tested...the same day Jack started getting a fever.  Sure enough, it was strep.  I opted to skip the antibiotics because at this point the dr. said I didn't need them unless it got worse again (I was on the healing end of it).  After two days of Jack having a fever we went to test HIM for strep.  No strep but he ended up with Roseola.  Lovely.  One day after finally getting over Roseola Jack comes down with a nasty cold. throat STILL doesn't feel totally back to normal...two weeks later.  I should've just taken the stinking antibiotics.  Sheesh.  I'm ready for us to be healthy again btw.  :)
    And that's all I got for you!  Happy Hump Day hehe ;)

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