Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wherein I blog about something other then my baby getting a month older...

Guys!  Gals!  How are's yuh?!?

Man.  Life is kinda cray.  Not going to lie.  I feel like nothing interesting is happening and yet simultaneously tons is happening.  The days are full I'll tell ya that.  Full of laughter, whining, crying, love, kisses, adamant "no's", nursing, eating (seriously, Jack is alllllways eating), sleeping, sewing (so much sewing) and yeah.

So I guess this is a little update.  Maybe the best way to organize this so I don't end up just staring at a screen is to go by categories. Here we go:

Arizona:  So.  We live in Arizona.  Yeah.  We just passed our one year Arizona Anni.  And guys.  We REALLY like it here.  Like for real.  I mean the summer is literally hot as hell.  Ha!  But it's only a couple of months of the truly stifling hot stuff.  Everything is so ac'd though that it's just not that bad.  Eventually I started getting a little ready to just be outside but by was almost over.  The winter has been a bit cooler then I thought it would be.  Like it gets down right cold at night but for the most part the days are between mid 60's-70's.  Not bad, not bad.  We have a church that we reeeeally like and have met some good friends.  The town we live in is very "homey" and family oriented and yeah...we've settled in well and are really happy to be here.

Jack:  Oh Jack.  My little tank.  I love this kid.  Jack is very two.  I don't think that we have hit the brunt of the "toddler rage" yet.  He will have a week here or there where he's off and cranky but overall he's pretty easy.  He's learning so much language as of late.  Like his grammar has just taken off.  He says so many things correctly that it amazes me.  He is definitely realizing that he has a mind and will of his own.  Ha.  He loves to play and run, loves to take his nap (he's totally that kid who tells you when he's done and ready to lie down), loves to eat, loves to read, loves art and drawing.  He really adores his sister.  He watches out for her...and also messes with her plenty.  Jack's also learning what it is to be social and have friends.  I can tell that he WANTS to interact and play and yet he's still trying to figure that all out.  He is such a sweet kid and truly a joy to be around (most of the time, ahem).  :)

Ellie: I don't feel like she needs much of an update since for the last 8 months all the posts have been about her. Ha!

Jason:  Jason is still working away at ASU.  He's doing really well and even received a raise at his one year evaluation!  Wahoo!  It's definitely a really hard job at times but I think that overall he enjoys it.  He's also still super into all his outdoorsy stuff.  He's lately really into refurbishing antique tools and woodwork.  On top of that he's basically on his way to being an expert sharpener.  Ha!  Seriously, you've never met anyone with a sharper axe and knives then Jason lol.  He's a funny guy. I love all his fun hobbies.

Me: Well, well.  Me.  Gosh I don't even know.  I think sometimes I feel a little lost in the commotion.  You know?  Like there were so many things that I felt were who I was that have been stripped down and laid aside in order to take care of babies full time.  I used to be so active and into exercise...and backpacking and the outdoors...and reading!  Now that whole part of me feels just so...out there...and not real.  Like was I REALLY a pretty decent rock climber once upon a time?  Yes.  Yes I was.  I still would LOVE to do it again but man, I just don't have the time.  The little years are truly a joy but it sure demands all of your time.  One day I realize though that they won't be so little and won't need me so much.  And when that day happens I'll think back on these I climb my V5 bouldering route hahahaha.  No really, I will miss these days when they are gone.  I love having babies and little ones at my feet.  Also in other news Etsy is doing well and kicking me in the rear.  I had a record breaking January.  It was nuts.  I was up until 1-2am every night for about 2 weeks ha.  It was awful!  Especially since Ellie wakes around 3am each night lol.  Phew.  Coffee kept me alive this month.  Literally. 

So there you go.  I a little update that wasn't all about Miss Eloise.  Life is busy.  But so so good.  I just feel quite happy with life and the craziness that it's dishing us.  We are very blessed and I literally thank God daily for his grace, kindness, and mercy.