Thursday, December 31, 2015

Eloise May: 7 Months

Ellie you are SEVEN months old!  Er.  You WERE 7 months old three weeks ago.  Lol.  Oh well.  I don't have her official 7 month photo but I need to get this up or it will never happen.  Things are a little busy around these parts.  Turns out raising two little ones, making handmade stuff for my Etsy gig, AND babysitting occasionally makes for a busy life.  Phew.

That being said...let's talk about Miss Eloise.

Let's see...

  • She sleeps horribly (ha!)  She's also getting teeth. But really....she slept awesome up until 4 months and then after's been hit and miss.  I've handled it way better then with Jack.  I just don't mind so much.  Maybe too it helps knowing that Jack wasn't a great sleeper but by the time he was a year old he was finally sleeping through the night.  ha.  Tough times are very temporary in the baby world.  You definitely gain this perspective after you've had one child.
  • She is a crawling, pulling up on everything machine.  She started doing it around 6-7 months old.  Can't remember exactly.
  • She gets into EVERYTHING.  Like everything.  We never baby proofed with Jack and instead just taught him to not touch things.  Yeah, we are doing the same with Ellie but for real.  It's taking so much more work and awareness haha. 
  • She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  And I mean everything.  Another difference between Ellie and Jack.  Jack was not a mouthy baby.  Ellie most definitely is.
  • We are getting glimpses of her personality.  Jack was our chill, calm baby.  Ellie is a goof and quite the spaz.  Already at almost 8 months!  haha.  Cracks me up.
  • She is starting to say mama and dada.  She started off strong with Mama and now prefers to say Dada (stinker!).
  • She loves toys.  And to play with things. 
  • Her and Jack are beginning to build quite the relationship now and it makes this mama heart so happy.  He watches out for her at the park if kids get too close to her.  They crawl around on the floor and Jack let's her chase him.  They wrestle.  It's cute.  He also does a fair share of NOT sharing and pushing her around.  I guess that's what big brothers are for.  ;)
  • She was slow going on the solids but man she loves food.  She does NOT like savory purees but DOES like savory table scraps ha.  But she loves all fruits, cereals, yogurts, puffs, pastas and etc.  We haven't tried any meat yet. 
And that's our 7 month Ellie update.  As incredibly late as it is!  :)