Thursday, October 15, 2015

Eloise May: 5 Months

Apparently this blog exists to be a once a month place where I update you on my 2nd born and her growth.  Ha!

Also this is like 2 weeks late being posted.  I was just too lazy to upload all the photos but I've done it now so on to the update!!!

Oh Ellie May.  We adore you.  My absolute favorite thing is picking  you up into my arms after you first wake up.  You're so warm and relaxed and you just seem to melt into me.  I literally breathe you in and I just can't believe that you are ours.

5 months.  I can't believe we are already here.  It's gone by SO fast and yet I can't believe that half a year ago we were living our life without you in least on THIS side of the womb.  ;)

So things to note:

Lots of rolling over.
The hand eye coordination is pretty good.  I should say the hand eye mouth coordination.  Because seriously..she sees it, she picks it up, she puts it in her mouth.  Always.
We have two VERY sharp little bottom teeth.
She loves toys.  Especially Jacks trains and cars.  She will literally lunge at it if you put it in front of her. She also really loves her little teething banana thing.
She seems to be less content to just chill.  I think she is getting impatient.  The day after she turned 5 months she got up on all fours and started rocking.  She has made many attempts since...she just doesn't know what to do with her to move them forward.  So maybe by 6 months we will have a crawler?
Sleep is ok-ish.  She actually slept better as a newborn funny enough.  She goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 10pm...I think because we wake her up going to bed ourselves?  Then she will do one wake up around 3 or 4.  So not terrible...but I would love to ditch that 10:00 feeding.  But, like Jack, I'll probably ride it out and eventually she'll stop on her own.  ha!
She loves being held upright and has the spine support to almost sit on my hip which is one of my favorite "new tricks" a baby gains...especially with a toddler at my feet!
She has the funniest little husky sounding laugh.  She laughs some what often but the biggest laughs are still reserved for Jack.  Mama and Daddy apparently just aren't THAT funny.  ;)

Overall she is just the happiest little thing.  And we ADORE her!

Happy 5 months Ellie girl!   <3