Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Eloise May: 4 Months

Ok, so she's like 4 months + 1 least.  Actually like 4 1/2 months ha!  Whatever.  What's up with 4 months huh?  I didn't do a 4 month post for Jack either.  But.  Here I am.  Documenting the 4th month of having our Ellie girl in our lives.

So what to say about this girl....
She loves love LOVES to roll.  All around her bed.  She is a definite tummy sleeper.
She is the happiest thing in. the. world.  She literally only cries occasionally in the car.  And when she's hungry. 
She adores her big brother.  Even when he physically rolls her over...rather roughly I might add...she just looks up and smiles at him.  So sweet.
Nursing is her JAM!  She was kinda meh about it for a while.  She quite likes it now.  :)

At her last appt she was 12 lbs which put her in the 20ish percentile
Her height?  90th! 
Her head is nice and big...just like her brother.  :)

I will say that she is a far more sensitive baby then Jack was.
She does NOT like most strangers.  At all.  She cries when they look at her hahaha.
She kinda has this intensely sweet but quiet disposition.  Which I think is darling.
I have great fondness for those quiet, behind the scenes people (my husband).
It's like a mystery package that you slowly get to unwrap.  :)

Granted she's 4 months old soooo....she might turn out super outgoing like Jack.  You never know!

And time for the photo bombbbb!  Picmonkey isn't working so I don't get to do my usual collage  :)