Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Make & Trade

Hello Friends!

Just wanted to let some of my readers know that we are organizing something fun!

Don't you just love handmade?  Wouldn't you love to buy ALL things handmade but don't really have the money to do such a thing?  Wouldn't it be awesome if we could make something, give it to someone else and receive something in return???  I've been thinking about this for a while and how to organize it and I thought LET'S GO FOR IT.  Why not right?!?

SO here are the details.

First, each person that agrees will be sent a survey via email that asks things like favorite color, how many children you have, gender, where you live and mailing address (don't make someone a beanie if they live in Arizona ahem haha), and etc.

Each person that agrees to participate then will receive someone else's survey and will make something (or more then one thing) that will equal a retail value of about $25.  Now keep in mind that this is how much something costs AFTER it's made.  For example, my felt items I sell do not cost me a ton in materials....but I sell them for more because of the labor involved.  So you may make a zipper pouch that was about $5 in supplies...but you could potentially sell it for at least $15.  So thus it's retail value is $15.  Got it?  If you are unsure as to how to value your item I would recommend searching Etsy and see what something similar sells for.  If you still aren't sure feel free to ask me and I can probably help you figure it out.  A month after everyone receives their secret buddy's survey we will send out our handmade items to the person that we were given.

Feel free to have as much fun with the box that you send out as you want.  Adding random Target dollar items is highly encouraged.  hehe. 

I think that the best way for this to be a success is to make it more about the person that you are sending to then what it is you are receiving in turn.  If everyone goes all out and has a ton of fun gifting to your secret friend then everyone will be rather happy in the end. 

Please note that this is a small financial/time commitment.  I am BUSY...and can be totally flakey.  I get it.  But to make it fun we all need to send the goodies out at the same time.  Sound good?!?

If you have already commented on my facebook post yay!  you don't have to comment here too.  If you are interested though leave a comment with your email and I will include you on the official group email!  :)

So excited!
Hope this works!!!  hehe  <3


  1. I think this sounds fun and I would like to participate! My name is Cathy Spock Glaess and my email is Please include me on your email list! Thank you!

  2. commenting again anyhow because, YESSS!!!

  3. My friend Jen tagged me on facebook, but I couldn't comment on your post, so I'm commenting here! My name is Liz and I'd love to participate -

  4. What a great idea! My friend Jen tagged me on Facebook but I couldn't comment on the post; I'd love to participate! My email is

  5. Such a great idea! I'd love to participate :) my name is Allison and email is