Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yeah, I'm Here...

Though you wouldn't know it since I'm hecka lazy and haven't blogged a word.  "Hecka."  Yeah, I used it.  I'm so SF now.  Or maybe it's a northern Cali thing in general?  Not sure.  Though "hecka" is the good girl version of what they actually say here...HELLA!  Ack.  Potty mouth.  Watch out, lightning is going to strike me down.  :)  No really, EVERYTHING is "hella".  That's "hella cool," "I'm hella tired,"...etc.  It's funny.  They all know that they say it too because there are even t-shirts you can buy that say, "I hella heart SF".  Funny.  I almost want one...almost. 

Anyways, I'm here to tell you that I am alive.  I'm hella..I mean hecka sick though.  We ALL have managed to get sick at work.  My other co-workers have called in sick so I'll be at work today all by my lonesome feeling like poop...holding down the fort.  Oh well.

So, I shall blog this weekend hopefully with some projects that I've been working on and maybe the result of what ended up happening with my shutters.  I've also done some paintings (I know RIGHT?), and have been stocking up my wee lil' bag shop with some guessed it....BAGS!  All those to come!

Welp, love to you all.  Peace.  :)

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