Saturday, February 18, 2012

What would you do?

Last Sunday we went to church, parked our car in the parking garage, walked down and BOOM, what was there on the side of the road but 4 old crusty, fantastic shutters.  I sorta freaked out slightly begging Jason to let me take them back up to the truck to claim them as my own.  We were running late though and so decided to leave them there until we came back.  I figured it was a lost cause and that some one would snag them before church let out...but nope.  They were still there.

So, now I have them.  I remember thinking before when perusing craft ideas that I really wanted old shutters for cheap wall coverings.  Now that I have them though I can't seem to decide that to do with them.  Here are a few ideas.  What do you think?

Organize mail?

Organize kitchen stuff? 

Headboard?  I've been wanting to make my own headboard for a while now...

Shelves?  These colors are awful but you get the idea...

A table?  Ok, super cool but I'd have to get creative with where to put it in our tiny place...

 Make it part of my collage space above the couch?  Like this idea a lot although my shutters are more the "typical" shutters.  Maybe I can combine with the idea below...hang framed photos on them?


Like this...?

Mmmm. So many ideas....Which to choose.  I have 4 so technically I have a couple of different options unless I do the headboard.  I also have 17 other projects to finish too.  I guess I should go put the first layer of varnish on my table eh?  Have a great weekend!


  1. Ooh, Lucky Duck, you!! I've always liked how this lady uses her shutters. Although you may not have a mantel, but something like it??

  2. oh anna! how fun! i like the idea of using them to hold pictures and letters. makes a cute and functional wall covering. :) i can't wait to see what you do... remember to take pics for us to see!

  3. If you need a headboard, I like the way that one looks. The photo holder is fun too. I think you have as many projects going as your Dad though. At least you don't need a barn to hold all of yours.

  4. Yeah, it turns out I'm a lot more like dad then I thought. I have my table to finish, two bags half started to sell on etsy...two bags I just finished to post onto etsy. Those shutters...and then I got bored with that all and started painting these canvases today I've had...rather than finishing what's already been started. I am SO my father's daughter...I just have different projects than him... :)

  5. Your Dad has a new thing. It's called "bundling". So now we have two new (as in additional)old cars in our barn. Ugly rust buckets? Cool projects? It depends on who you ask. Of course if he turns them around and makes money on them, then cool projects wins every time. Oh yeah and the three (as in what will you take for all 3 of them, yes 3)dirt bikes. At least one of them runs really well. The three of them were cheaper than the going rate for that one (hence the bundling). So when you guys come to visit you can take the riding tour. Have fun!