Monday, February 13, 2012

The Weekend

The weekend was marvelous...friends, crafts, baking.  How much better can it get?

Saturday kicked off with a morning cup 'o joe with my beautiful friend Autumn.  Yeah, the good friend who moved about 30 minutes from me but that I manage to only see 2-3 times a year.  Hey!  We're busy people alright.  Quality over quantity is what I always say.  :)  Anyways, after our morning dose of caffeine it was off to hit some thrift shops.  THIS is what I brought home...
You may be asking, "Why do you have a bunch of random plates and vases?"  Well, let me tell you.  I've had my eye on some very lovely cake plates as of late....yet the $40 price tag (and that's on the low end) makes them not quite so desirable.  I saw somewhere that someone stuck together plates and vases/candle holders and then spray painted them to create a cake plate.  The thing is...I want to be able to actively use these cake plates...and spray paint isn't exactly permanent.  So, Autumn and I put together our heads and created some lovely combos.  They are all mix and matched and yet I love them.  So cute.  So, here's what you do... 

Take your pile of thrift shop goodies and get yourself some heavy books, epoxy, and something to measure the center of the plate (I was very technical and precise and used string. :).)  Then some how figure out the middle of the plate.  Once you do, outline the stand that you will be gluing in pencil onto the plate (you can barely BARELY see my outline).  This will make it easier as epoxy is relatively fast drying.  Once you have your circle on your plate apply the epoxy to what will be your "stand" and stick that sucker on to the underside of the plate. 

Then bust out those old musty books you never read anymore because E-readers have taken over the world, set them on top of the stand...let sit overnight.

When all is done you have cute little cake stands such as these (they are two separate stands stacked on top of each other)...

Because you now have 4 (hey, I bake a lot of cakes alright!) new cake stands that you need to find a home for, get creative in storing them...
And of could always bake a cake and try it out too.  :)

And those are my cake stands...totaling in at about $2/cake stand.  Oh I love me a good thrift shop.

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