Friday, February 10, 2012

I Only Post on Fridays...

Apparently this is all I can muster...a once a week post that happens to land on Fri. for whatever reason. Soooooo.  Happy Friday.

Jason is currently at a birthday BBQ thingy and I wasn't invited.  Shocking huh?  No, actually, even if I WAS invited I would have declined (it's some guy from school that I haven't ever met).  I do NOTHING Friday nights.  After a 40 hr work week it's the couch...or in this case, the computer for me.  Aaaah.  The weekend.  Oh yay.

So, last weekend Jason and I celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss.  We went to this place called Philz Coffee which is apparently the best drip coffee around (can't you tell by their sign, haha).  They make each cup individually and it was packed with people in there.  Pretty good I must say though.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.
Please ignore how incredibly and completely TIRED I look.  Thank you.  

After coffee Jason did some homework (yup, he's back in school.  He calls me his "homework widow".  Funny...and yet a pretty good description of what happens when he's in school.)  And people supposedly do this with KIDS?  How may I ask you?...

Anyways, we went to a fancy pants restaurant that was da bomb went off in my mouth GOOD.  Oh yes, and their panna cotta was to.die.for.  Seriously, if there's food in heaven and it's better than what we've got here Lord take me home now.!  (Ok, not really.)  I had the Maple Leaf Duck.  Duck is SO under rated.  Oh my goodness.  I love me some duck.  mmmm mmm.

As I said, Jason had the panna cotta and we inhaled it faster than we could take a picture of it.  ooops.  I had the chocolate bread pudding that was so recommended and it was RICH.  But good.  yum.  The panna cotta was better though and I was jealous Jason ordered it and not me.  Punk.
Washed out "flash" picture.  :)
Did I mention that we dressed up and got all pretty for this date?  Yeah, we/I did.  I wouldn't describe Jason as pretty.  Handsome yes.  Pretty no.  Anyways, I wore a necklace and painted my nails red.  I almost never do either things.  I felt so feminine.  :)
So, folks.  That was our anniversary.  Lots of fun and I wouldn't trade these last 3 years for anything.  I'm rather fond of the guy.

On another note.  Every time I go out to eat in San Francisco I am so inspired.  Inspired by food. Is there any better inspiration?  I'm of the opinion that no, no there's not.  :)  Anyways, I have this big fat honkin' beautiful cookbook called The Silver Spoon.  The recipes are fantastic.  It's a Phaidon book so that gives you some idea of the quality (they are a seriously snobby publisher making their books seriously expensive).  Anyways, this book has been on my "must have" list for so long but at almost $50 it's been on the "not now" list for even longer.  Anyways, thanks to Border's poor financial decisions I scored this book for $15.  It has a slightly bent corner but really?  Who cares.

Well, I've been busy and have yet to cook a significant quantity of things from it.  I flip through it all the time and think, "OH!  Must cook that"  Then I forget, move on, and there you have it.  I finally decided that such a thing must change and so I went through it and made a list, pulling some of the favorites that have been enticing me as of late.  I wrote it on a piece of paper with the page number for easy reference.  The list is now on my refrigerator and when I'm having the "I need to cook something new/interesting, I'm bored with cooking feeling" I no longer need to think..."Hmmm, what should I make?"  I'll just go to the 'frige and check it off as I make it.  Last weekend I made Italian Crepes with Vanilla Custard.  Yummy.

Alright, I'm done typing.  Time to get back to my tray of under cooked brownies that I put in the refrigerator and are now a solid but fudgey gooey mass of goodness.
Yeah, I know.  PIG.  But who wants to dirty an extra dish?

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