Monday, December 8, 2014

It's a...

GIRL it's a GIRL oh me oh my!  :)

Well, it's a girl.
We found out today during what turned out to be the world's looooongest ultrasound.  Holy cow.  With Jack we went in, he was in the perfect position, he barely moved, we got all the measurements and DONE.  Everything went perfectly.

This little one was basically having a dance party of one in my uterus.  The ultrasound tech was definitely having a hard time getting the shots she needed.

While most things did seem to be okay they are making me come back for another ultrasound.
Boo and yay!  I mean, ultrasounds are definitely cool!  But they want to double check a couple of things which isn't exactly a yay!

Basically the babe's bladder never filled and emptied during the loooooong ultrasound.  So, they want me to come back in a couple of weeks to see if it does.  Apparently it's part of the "checklist".  There is also another shot of the heart that they want to get.  Not sure if there's something weird that they want to double check or if they just had trouble getting the shot because of her movement.  I didn't ask.  I figure there isn't much I can do and why worry over something that might be fine. 

So there you have it.
We are adding some pink up in here!  :)
Well...maybe corals and pretty teals.  I mean...I don't hate pink.  Pink is fine.  I just tend to migrate more toward the pastels and other more feminine colors. 

Anyways, glad I got to sit down here and type a little something out.  I feel like things have just been a little crazy lately.  Jack, the Etsy stuff, Jason's job ending, Christmas preparations, mom's group, church, keeping up on the house, appointments, errands...  At the end of the day I put Jack to bed and sit down in my "grandma armchair" and often think..."this is the first time I've sat down all day."  It's been a struggle to  I need that quiet down time to myself but it just hasn't been happening lately.  It's a season though.  I'm sure things will calm down soon.

And because everyone says girls are SO much more fun to dress then boys (though I enjoy dressing Jack) I must say that I can't wait for things like...THIS!  Adorable little headbands.   SO cute!  ;)

Buffalo Plaid - Knot Headband - Tie Headband - Jersey Knit - Baby Headband - Toddler Head Wrap
Harper and Paisley - Etsy

So...a little girl it is!  If you think of me you can say a little prayer for us.  For me especially.  Feeling a little run down and also for any anxiety that I am feeling/will feel regarding needing to go back for another ultrasound.  I mean...I know it's PROBABLY nothing...but your mind definitely has a "mind of it's own" in situations like this, you know?

Ok, I'm off to go zone out.  The TV is a perfect tool for that.  :)


  1. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY a GIRL!!!! Crazy!! I just can't imagine you with a little girl... because I just see you with boys, so this is such a great surprise! What a cute little pair she and Jacko will be. :-) Will pray for peace, dear friend. God's hand is already mightily over this little lass.