Saturday, December 20, 2014


Well folks.

The time has come. 
We are....moving!

For real.  Like out of our house.  Out of San Francisco.  About 98% sure...out of California <<sniff>>



I'm still a little in shock.
Okay, a lot in shock.

I always tell people, "I could be happy anywhere.  California isn't the ONLY place in the world to live and be happy in."

But now that it's here.
I think I lied to all those people.


Ok.  That's dramatic.

basically the story is that a week ago was Jason's last day of teaching at UC Berkeley.  On that SAME day there was an offer waiting in his email from ASU (Arizona State University).  Talk about waiting until the very end to get a new offer.  That weekend we talked about it, weighed our options (not many since at this point this is our only offer).  Jason flew to Phoenix, AZ last Tuesday...was there for two days, did a whirlwind tour, saw a bunch of houses, filled out some applications, saw the campus, and came back to SF.

Today we received word that we have a house waiting for us when we get there (a HOUSE! A 3 bd 2 bath, double car garage...with a backyard and patio...a house.  Basically  I love how the landlord emailed me when we were first communicating and lining things up for Jason to fly in and see it and he was all, "Well, it's only 1100 sq ft."  Bahahaha.  Um.  Try under 500 sq ft.  Yeah.  That's what we are living with.  1100 sq ft sounds like a straight.up.mansion.  Perspective I tell ya, perspective.  :)

Anyways, we have given notice to our landlord and will be moving out of our house here in San Francisco the beginning of January.  Arizona is looking pretty sure as of now...and yet I still feel like I won't believe it until we are packed and on the road.  I guess if it's not Arizona it's, "Hello Mom and Dad!" at this point.  haha. 

So guys!
We have a lot to do in a very short amount of time.  You can definitely be praying for us.  ;)  I feel a little overwhelmed at what needs to happen.  Finances are always something too.  Moving is expeeeeeensive.

Anyways, so that's our big news.  Such a praise that Jason was offered such a great position.  It's a position in a large program that has lots of room for growth and future success. And though it's not's really quite affordable.  It definitely seems like a much better fit financially for a teacher and a stay at home mom.  A little more appropriate then San Francisco...that's for sure!

So thanks for reading along and following our journey.  Probably won't be updating this space until we are situated...and have internet.  :)

See you in Arizona I guess...yikes!  :)


  1. Single story home? 2nd floor =sooooo hot in summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well. Am glad you have at least one option even I it isn't SoCal!

    1. Yes on it being a single story! Never thought of that whole heat rising thing though. So yay that it happened to be so! :)

  2. What a wonderful adventure you are going to have, living somewhere new, getting to explore and find your place in your new community! I"ll be praying for you, I'm thankful that Jason has a job waiting and that you have the perspective you do!

  3. YAY YAY YAY! And yes, single story is the way to go in hot states. Our friends had a two story in Las Vegas and their A/C bill in the hot months was anywhere from $300-$500. Don't. DO. IT.