Sunday, January 11, 2015

Hello from ARIZONA!

We are here!

Well, we've been here for a WEEK now which just seems a little nuts.  I feel like we got here just yesterday.  But...a week it's been!

We packed and cleaned our old place in San Francisco like crazy people.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that looks at a job and says, "Meh, that won't be so bad."  Um yeah.  The packing was...a lot of work.  And the cleaning just about broke me...seriously.

Let's go back to the day we picked up the truck...then we'll go from there.  So we arranged for Jason's mom to come that day, knowing that Jack would need a babysitter for the day in order for us to get everything done.  We arrived at the Budget rental truck place and took one look at the truck we reserved (the medium sized one) and freaked out.  We thought that there was no way that we were going to fit all of our junk in that little truck.  We told them we wanted the next size up.  They were going to have to pick it up from another location and it would delay us at least two hours, cost an extra $ the gas.  Word of advice...always look IN the truck.  They look a lot smaller from the outside then from the inside.  As we were walking off I saw that the truck we originally rented was open in the back so I climbed in real fast and quickly changed my mind.  It would be tight...but I felt like we could fit our stuff in it.  So we went back in and changed our mind AGAIN.  They probably thought we were nuts but we took the truck with us home and that was that.  Phew.

Once we got back to our place we had a couple of friends over who basically completely loaded the truck.  It was so weird to not move a single box or piece of furniture.  Good ole' pregnancy.  :)  People are so generous with their time and it's always so humbling to be on the receiving end of it.  It took most of the day to load the truck.  The plan was to clean that night buuuuut...we were too pooped.  So I did it the next morning.  We had Mcdonald's for lunch where I ate my whole burger and fries...AND Jack's cheeseburger that he didn't eat...and it was basically the yummiest thing I've had in a long time.  :)  We got out of San Francisco in the afternoon some time, and rolled into SLO with just enough time to eat, and go to bed. 

The next morning we woke up bright and early and started our trek the rest of the way to Tempe.  Basically Google said that it had the potential to be an 8.5 hour drive.  The thing is, with the moving truck we had to go below the speed limit most of the time.  Then there was Jack...AND Jason...who it turns out has little to no ability to sit in a car for longer then 3 hours.  Ha!  Turns out I have a bit more of my Dad and Grandpa in me then I realized I just wanted to power through and keep driving.  After being on the road for a good 10 hours though...with 3 more to go (yeah...slow moving much?) it became apparent that the best bet would be to stay the night in a hotel.  So we did.  We stayed the night in Indio which I have NEVER heard of until this trip.  It's on the border of Cali and AZ.  The next morning we got up nice and early, arranged to meet our landlord at 11am he called us wondering where we were only to realize that we are dumb and AZ is 1 hour ahead of Cali.  Ha!  Didn't account for that.

We finally rolled into the driveway of our new home on Saturday, signed our life away, and I got to see the place that would be "home" for how ever long that may be.  Funny moving to a place, having never seen it, and saying, "Welp, I guess I'm going to be living here for a while now."  Jason did good though.  The neighborhood is quuuuuuuiet.  Like really quiet.  I guess I'm just used to San Francisco but holy's quiet.  Did I say quiet?  :)  The house...though 1100 sq feet or so feels like a straight up mansion.  It feels huge.  I guess that's what happens when you're used to living in 500 sq ft. 

Overall we are just...adjusting.  Some days feel easy and other days I do feel a bit uprooted and sorta "lost".  Jack is a great distraction so that's good.  Jason starts work tomorrow and so I think it will really set in that this is home once our more normal routines begin.  But dare I say that I'm a little nervous to run the show here at home solo?  Jason has been home a month and man it's been nice!

Jack has adjusted seamlessly.  It's really quite amazing.  It's like he doesn't even remember our home in San Francisco which totally makes me sad.  Is that weird?  I think I'm just feeling overly emotional and sentimental with all these pregnancy hormones flowing through me.  I mean, he's 18 months old.  He's just happy that he has so much space to run around like a crazy kid.  And really "home" is Mama and Daddy.  And I'm glad he has the space...truly I am.  But I miss home too.  I miss San Francisco.  I miss California.  I miss our church.  It's Sunday and we just visited a new one and's just hard to "church hunt".  Well, that was a melancholy paragraph now wasn't it?!?  Just a real one I guess.

Sorry no pictures this time around.  The elusive camera cord has not been unpacked.  I'm trying to stay up on Instagram so if you want to follow me there I'm evangelistaluv.

And because hey...I did the move all while being almost 6 months pregnant here's a little pregnancy update:
Things seem good.  Overall baby girl hasn't been quite as active in the womb as her older brother was but I'm not complaining as he was downright violent sometimes, ha!  Trying to get everything lined up with new obgyn's and new insurance and blah blah blah.  I need an appointment here in the next week or so...gotta do that beloved glucose test.  Mmmm.  :)  I will say though that this pregnancy is definitely "different" feeling.  She just seems lower in general and at 24 weeks I'm already getting some pretty gnarly pelvic pain.  I didn't get that with Jack until 36 weeks or so and it was no where near this bad.  I fear for what I will feel in the last what is apparently heat we have never known before.  Overall though I feel pretty much full to the brim with blessings and am overjoyed to be this little one's mama.

Okay, that's it.  Congrats on getting to the end of this incredibly wordy post.  And thanks for following along on our little journey.


  1. Wow, Annamaria... of course I can relate to so many of the emotions in this post. Pregnant and moving and starting all over ALL TOGETHER is hard. But you sound like you're handling it well and it certainly does help to have a little one to distract and help you meet new people. You cracked me up about the fact that Jason can't stay in the car too long... TRAVIS TO A T!!! Drives me bonkers. Anyhoo... love you and so proud of you and your little fam!!

  2. Glad you made it safely to AZ. Praying you adjust well and can find a church quickly. Very proud of you guys. Can't wait to meet your little girl. love and hugs