Friday, January 16, 2015

19 Months

Well, I haven't done a little "Jack Update" in a while.  I had planned on doing an 18 month one buuuut....moving happened.

So 19 months it is!  :)

I feel like there is so much to say regarding him and yet my brain is just a little fuzzy at this point.

For one, I feel like his general "sensitive disposition" is still there...and yet he's no longer a quiet child.  He chatters like nothing I've ever seen.  I have no clue what he's saying but that little mouth is flapping away.  :)  He also has become a lot more "rough and tumble".  Just very little boy.  It's adorable.  Wrestling and playing with Daddy is now basically his favorite thing to do...though he's definitely still a mama's boy at heart. 

Independent play has completely taken off.  He loves to watch the occasional dvd, loves to play with his "choo choo's" and would literally live/play outside ALLLLL day if I let him.  He's always liked to do this but now that he actually has a real fenced in backyard to enjoy it makes it a bit more accessible.  And funny thing is that we are definitely seeing some "sport tendencies".  I don't know why this surprises me.  Jason is really talented at most sports and I've been doing them since I was a wee one...but yeah.  The kid can throw a ball better then me!  And his soccer dribbling skills are kinda shocking.  He might lose it as he gets bigger and more gangly but yeah, for now it's fun to see!

He sleeps through the night.  Goes to bed at 7:00pm and wakes up at 5:30am.  Holy cow I can't wait to get him one of those clocks where it says it's "time to wakeup".  At this point he wouldn't get it but as soon as those little wheels in his head start turning and can understand the "stay in bed" concept...I'm going to be all over that.  :)

The words are starting to come more and more.  Despite my love for the word "Mama" he has deemed me "Mommy".  I have no clue how he even learned that.  He does like to add the "ee" sound to things so it might be more accidental.  Like water is no longer "wawa" but "wawee".  Funny kid.  Words that are included in his vocab are Daddy, Mommy, try, ball, water, chair, tractor, moon, and etc.  The one I still can't figure out is "light".  He calls any light a "chee" and I have no clue why.  All words that he says are at least close to the real world but no matter how many times we've corrected him light is "chee".  At this point it's adorable and I don't want him to change it.  ha!

Once Jack hit the 18 month old mark (and we noticed him REALLY getting into story times at night...and love singing songs) we thought it might be time to introduce "Bible Time" in the mornings.  I read a chapter/story each morning from The Jesus Storybook, we sing a hymn, and we pray.  It's funny how attentive to it he is.  Then again we do this before he goes down for a nap (so he's more tired/calm) and he has milk in hand which seems to help with the "focus" I think.  Ha!  Whatever works right?!? 

Me in all my "no makeup, no shower" glory.  :)
He still loves to go out and about and thankfully the new carseat and our crazy amount of driving we did from SF to Tempe kinda "forced" him to be okay with being in the car.  He rarely rode in the car before we moved here and I was a little curious to see how he would handle it.  He does really well and even gets excited to go "bye bye" in the car.  We did test out the public transportation though to see how plausible it is for Jason to take it to work if need be and Jack was on cloud 9.  He definitely remembered it from San Francisco.  :)

He still eats most everything and is slowly starting to incorporate meats too.

So yeah, that's our little guy.  Growing up SO fast.  He is so very toddler right now and it's so fun to see him discover the world more and more.

Oh...and I think he's kinda starting to understand the whole "baby in the belly" concept.  Kinda.  Well.  Actually.  A lot of times he will point to my boob and say "baby".  Sorry kid, wrong bump.  Ha!  He's figuring it out though.  :)

We are so thankful for our little Jacko and literally fall more and more in love with this kid every day.  

This is SUCH a Jack face.  I probably see this expression 10x's a day!  :)

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