Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Little of this, Little of that

Happy Wednesday friends!  <3

I think we are emerging from the cloud of sickness that has been hovering over our house for the last 3 weeks.  Jason caught a nasty cold, then I did, then Jack got a cold that turned into a fever, then Jason relapsed/caught something new and had to stay home from work yesterday...and now I have a cough once again.  I think we are on the mend though.  Phew.

Anyways, so what's new?

Overall not much.  Some things are the same and some things are definitely different in Arizona.  I miss San Francisco drinking water so much.  Ha!  I mean, I knew it was delicious but the water here is nasty even after it's been ran through the Brita.  I've been buying bottled water here and there to ease us in.  I was finding myself not drinking water because it was nasty and well...that's not good in general...but especially for pregnant mamas.  :)

Other things worth noting.  I miss public transportation, and the proximity of things.  Mostly I just miss the fact that my little coffee shop isn't down the street with Jack's favorite park right down the way.  We have a grocery store 2 blocks from our house here in Arizona...and it has a Starbucks so it isn't all bad here.  ;)  Ha!  We also DO have a park within walking distance.  It's a bit of a trek but you get to walk through a huge park with a lake so at least the scenery isn't so bad.  Granted...the grass is brown as can be!  But Jack is obsessed with the lake and all the ducks.  On the weekend it's an awesome place.  It's packed out with BBQ'ing families who are playing, riding bikes, and just having a great time.

Jack recently went through a rough couple of days.  Guessing it was some weird developmental thing.  Or maybe it was being in Arizona.  Who knows.  Overall he is much better.  I think the occasional tantrums are here to stay but I definitely wasn't under some impression that we would avoid those lovely additions to child development.  He has adjusted to his new room and sleeps and naps well.  He is SUCH a toddler lately.  I feel like I'm mourning the loss of "my baby" a little but overall it's fun to see him grow and learn.  And he's still super cuddly soooo...I can pretend that he's still a baby occasionally.  ;)

I had my first appointment at my new OBGYN.  It was similar/different.  A much smaller office.  I came from 14 doctors, this one only has 6.  :)  When they were going over my past history they asked about pregnancy/delivery complications with Jack.  I said there weren't any.  And then threw in, "Oh, I had a 4th degree tear."  You see, my old doctor's office kinda down plays everything.  I think there theory is...let's try vaginal birth and if anything arises then we will deal with it then.  This office seems a little more, "let's explore all the options and be cautious/prepared".  Not sure which I prefer.  She said that a 4th degree tear IS a big deal (ha!) and that because of it I have the option of a C-Section...which I declined unless really needed.  Because Jack was pretty big for me (got a bit stuck and the damage he inflicted) they are going to do a size ultrasound to see how big this little girl is.  If she seems much bigger then Jack then I might consider a C-Section??? Maybe?  I don't know.  I'm hoping she looks about the same...even smaller???  Maybe I should stop eating so many Pop Tarts...hmmmm.  I don't know.  I asked the doctor what she thought was easier to heal from and she didn't know.  She herself has had 3 C-sections and she said the first couple of days were hard...but that there's a reason that doctors call a 4th degree tear a "vaginal C-section".  I had trouble with pain and moving for I think 3-4 weeks.  By 6 weeks I was mostly ok.  I felt like my movement was still restricted though for about 3 months....even though I was supposedly healed.  With a sleepy newborn it wasn't that big of a deal.  With a toddler...and a newborn?  Hmmm.  I'm guessing what will happen is that I will try to do it vaginally and be open to the option of a C-section if she just isn't making her appearance (which was the plan even with of baby 1st, sticking to my "plan" 2nd)  Phew.  So basically...I have no plan.  Whatever happens, happens.  Ha!  :)

And then there's the whole...I hope the baby comes when family is here.  We didn't have to worry about that with Jack because...there were no siblings...and we were only 4 hours away  :)  Hopefully we at least meet one family who would be willing to watch Jack if I go into labor before family can get here!

Also, I need some amigos man.  I mean, I wasn't highly social or anything in San Francisco.  I don't have a ton of time to  hang out casually.  I did have my once a week thing though where I got together with a group of moms and it was really nice...and always something to look forward to.  I keep looking for opportunities to meet people here but haven't seen any as of yet.  I have a couple of phone numbers of people (that I don't know)...but that's just a little awkward.  Ha!  Am I right?!?

Anyways, that's all for now.  Lots of little tidbits of info.  Hope the rest of your week is dandy.  :)


  1. Is there MOPS? PARENT PARTICIPATION? hopefully you'll find as good church and meet people!

    1. Seriously, I think I've googled every option. I looked into churches and there was one that had a mom's group but it was $35/month to attend + $35/month to put your child in the $70/month. Sheesh! I couldn't tell if this was a one month special thing they do every year or you literally pay $70/month to go to a Bible study/mom's group. Either way...meh. Pass. I'm not THAT desperate...yet. :)