Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Future and Phlegm

I the end of this post...the title will toooootally make sense.  ;)

Sometimes I think about the future.

Ok, I think about the future a lot but I'm not really a "planner" per se.  I think I've come to realize how many times I've planned something to go one way...and then in the end have it not happen that I tend not to waste too much time on details.

I think about it in a vague sort of way though.

Lately I've been thinking a bit about what I'll do when my kids are older.  Like school age.  I mean we are a loooong way off from that and yet...YET!  You and I both know it will be here in a blink ya'll.

Also, through Jason's job there is a crazy, cheap opportunity to get another degree.  I've had my eye on three things...graphic design, a Master's in Philosophy, or elementary education. 

But then I think about..."Well, should I home school?  Isn't that what all the good Christian families do?"  And to that I say...errrrrrr.  I mean, am I ready to send my 5 year old off to Kindergarten?  No, not really.  Will he be ready?  He might well be.  Would I like to send my 9 year old off to school though?  Why yes, yes I would.  I think I would ultimately like a homeschool/public school mix.  I know that exists in some places...not sure if it does here in Tempe. 

But then if I'm completely honest...?  I enjoy working....outside of the home.  I really do.  I find the social interaction really fun.  I liked how I succeeded at my old job...and got raises.  And let's just say it...had more money.  Ha!  At this moment we believe that me being home with our babies/children is more important and I am completely willing and pretty darn joyful about it.  I am so fulfilled by being home with hard/menial/unglorified as it sometimes can be.  I truly believe that God sees what I am doing as wholly and completely good/important/meaningful.  I am being used to shape and form the character of a human being...and it's truly an honor...and beautiful.

So it just makes me think...what WILL I do when the kids go off to school all day?  Even if that's not until high school?  Not sure.  Just thinking though about it.  Got any ideas you mamas out there?

And since that was far too serious I thought that I would tell you a little story about "pregnancy".

You know, you see those beautiful maternity photos, those stories of the "first kicks," the "maternal glow".  But they DON'T tell you stories like this folks.  Just keeping it real, keeping it real.

So, I've been sick with a chest cold.  Being pregnant I'm not taking any kind of hard core Mucinex or anything so I'm having trouble kicking the absurd quantities of phlegm I have (oh yes!).  I am no longer nauseas but I am still rather sensitive to having anything touching my throat...and my gag reflex is still pretty strong.  So I'm sitting on the couch with Jack on my lap and I start coughing.  I cough so much that I feel a huge blob of phlegm come up (yup, thoroughly grossed out yet?).  But it sits there...right on the "sweet spot".  The "gaggy" part of your tongue.  I try to clear my throat, to spit it out, to swallow it...ANYTHING.  Instead I start straight up choking, and then fully gagging.  I begin to then dry heave.  I throw Jack off my lap, run to the toilet, dry heave 5 times or so...and then...

Pee myself.
Because apparently my body cannot hold a baby, cough/dry heave, AND hold in my urine.
Something had to give.

This is real folks.
This is pregnancy.

You're welcome.  :)


  1. Haha Anna you crack me up!

    I've had the lingering phlegm cough/cold too! It would be so nice to take medicine and kick it in the butt, but I suppose keeping the little ones inside of us healthy takes prioirty!

  2. You made me laugh out loud!! Ahh... the joys of pregnancy!

  3. LOLOL!!!!! I do not think pregnancy is the romatntical thing so many people glorify it to be. I've peed myself too...sneezing. But is that pregnancy or post-birth? Or pee-all-the-time-pregnancy plus post birthing (lack of muscles)? Lets just say when I'm sick I make sure and keep that bladder empty.