Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Weekend

Amigos!  How you be?  I hope that everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day.  :)  I set out goodie bags the night before for the men in my life and can I just say that one of them ADORED his pink heart shaped balloon I tied to his bag?!?  Jason is so young at heart.  ;) Ok, so it was Jack but apparently the reaction was great and Jason recorded it for me.  Side note: Jack went through this phase where almost all his words he attempted to say were at least close to the actual word.  Now I think he's giving up and just creating his own language/vocabulary.  For example, "balloon" is "mooni".  When he says he wants to "push" something (usually opening the garage door) he says something that resembles "pwah-way".  "Take off" is "two-way".  Open is "chu".  I mean seriously...???  Where the heck is he getting this?  And better do I know what he's actually saying?  Jason is definitely in awe.  :)
Anyways, we had lofty plans to take a little road trip to Sedona this last Saturday.  Jason's new job is definitely a lot of work.  He basically ended up working 12 days straight at school...either teaching, planning, grading, or etc.  We decided to keep it local since last weekend he worked so much.  We ventured to the Phoenix Botanical Garden.  Jason loves plants.  Within a month of being here Jason already knew how to identify pretty much all the native plants.  Jack enjoyed running around and I tried not to freak out at the idea of him tripping and face planting into a cactus...which he never did.  Phew.

Arizona landscape is definitely so different.  I feel like every plant has some sort of serious defense mechanism.  Something spiny or pokey to defend itself.  I guess when there isn't a ton of plant life...the one's that do survive have to keep from being eaten up some how.  Anyway...the mountains and hills are lovely...especially at sunrise...since I drive Jason to work 6:20am...I am up for sunrise.  Hence the reason why I am up AFTER sunrise on Saturday and was mentioned at the beginning.  :)

Things in general are either green...or brown.  So when there is definitely catches your eye. 

There was a whole trail in the garden that was dedicated to indigenous living and plant use...which is Jason's thang!  There was this desert hut which Jack thought was the coolest thing in the world.  Of course now Jason would like to figure out how to build a mini version of one in our backyard.  Yep.  This is my life.  ;)

As I was going through the pictures from the weekend I found this gem.  Not sure why it made me laugh but yeah.  He looks so stinking hot and flushed here too.  Poor kid is going to die in the 100 degree heat.  And does he not just look so very toddler here?!?  If you tell me, "No Anna, he is such a sweet little baby.  Don't worry.  He's not growing up AT ALL," I will love you forever.

Anyways, and that was our weekend.  We finished off our afternoon with some yummy Ike's sandwiches.  I also went grocery shopping by myself and hit a baby consignment shop where I bought some stinking cute, almost new, super cheap baby girl clothes.  <3  Nothing better. 

Happy Monday friends! 

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  1. I think your husband is one cool dude. And I can say that, right, because I've known him forever?? :) And that baby of yours is too rootin' tootin' cute!!