Friday, February 27, 2015

The Week...

  • It's Friday.  Fridays are lovely.  It's the anticipation of two days home with my main squeeze...a possible grocery shopping trip alone while Jason stays home with a napping babe...where I treat myself to a nonfat decaf caramel macchiato...or mocha...depending on the mood (it's the small things you know?).  The last few Fridays we've hit the Chick Fila for dinner.  Jack eats his nuggets and then runs around like a mad-child in the play area while I flinch and get anxiety from the fact that he is by far the youngest (even though the sign CLEARLY says 3 and under ;) ) and will likely get pummeled at any second.  So far he has survived though.
  • Last night at around 9:30 Jack woke up crying.  I went in because he doesn't EVER wake up at that time...2 am sometimes, yes...but not 9:30pm.  He looked "odd."  I picked him up and I could tell he was straining to breathe.  Then he coughed a cough that was literally the craziest croupy, barky cough I've ever heard.  Scared the crud out of me.  Jason was going to call 911 but I stopped him.  Instead he started throwing on clothes and grabbing keys and we were about to speed off for the E.R.  As I held him I could hear the rattle in his lungs but he was getting better.  So I held him upright and he fell back asleep.  We don't even know where a hospital IS!  Yes, stellar parents.  Anyways, in sum we waited it out and his breathing got easier and he just sounded congested and a little wheezy.  I ended up making a 10 pm run to Wal Mart for a humidifier and needless to say he slept in our bed.  Good grief.  The weirdest thing about this whole thing...he isn't sick!!!  I mean, he had a small runny nose at the end of the day but no hint of a cough or anything.  I have no idea what happened.  He let off a few rattled/barky coughs in his sleep but overall slept well.  So today our mission is to find a pediatrician who will take us...otherwise we will go to an Urgent Care I guess.  The weird thing is...he seems totally fine today.  And his cough...rarely comes and it just sounds "normal".  Ugh.  Give me a crazy high fever any day...I can handle those but anything with airway issues...don't mess.   
  • So I think I've finally decided on a double stroller.  I really want this one.  ;)  Now to find $500...hmmmm.
  • We are forecasted (is that a word?) to get rain Sun-Wed.  There is something all together exciting about getting rain in a dessert.  On the flipside...rain makes the "grass" grow in our rockyard in the front and that is not so cool.  Yesterday we invested in a sprayer and bulk weed killer.  :)
  • I made Jack a quick little box fort and he was into it.  Then Jason came home and drew all over it...even drew a little train track all over it.  Now Jack points to it and says "daddy" and totally loves it even more.  He wants Jason to crawl into it when he gets home from work and play with him each day.  Darling I tell you.
  • If anyone is in the market for a toddler bed I found this one on Amazon and it looks pretty good.  Really cheap and great reviews! I think we are going to just go for it and conquer the bed transition before baby girl comes.  Or at least try...  :)
  • For Jack's birthday we are making him THIS collapsible tent.  I got the wood yesterday (while buying our weed killer) and a queen size bed sheet from Goodwill.  The cost...pretty cheap.  Wood was about $7, sheet $3, bias tape $8.  I went ahead and got some stain for the wood but that's not necessary.  Anyways, I wanted a little fort/tent that he could take outside that would provide some shade but also bring it in since the sun is a little harsh here and will probably fade it and weather it in no time.  I also am well aware of the fact that Jack's birthday is only a month and a half after baby girl will be coming so it's probably better to get this done now.  It will be more low key then his 1st but I still want to have fun and make a special day out of it.  :)
  • And that's all folks!  Have a marvelous weekend friends!!!  <3

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