Monday, March 2, 2015


I think I remember right around this time when I was pregnant with Jack getting that strong urge to no longer wear maternity venture into the rest of my closet once again...and to maybe buy a new piece or two.  ;)

Being pregnant has certainly been good for the budget as far as buying clothes goes.  I worked through my first pregnancy and so had a decent wardrobe of maternity clothes to wear.  I haven't bought a single piece this time around and am trying my best to finish this last 8 weeks out with what I already have.

And then am I right or do you have the baby...wait a couple of weeks and think...I must CERTAINLY be at least CLOSE to my pre-preg self (because in comparison you really are so much smaller) only to pull on a shirt or pants and realize uhhhhh...yeah no.  I remember being shocked and thinking "I will NEVER fit back into my old clothes."  But I did.  It came in stages.  The pants fit first...then the shirts later (because of nursing).  But eventually yes...I shrunk back down.  Also weird side note.  Anyone else notice that they kept on that last 5 or so pounds until after they stopped breastfeeding?!?  Weirdest thing.  It's like my body kept the weight in "reserve".  When I stopped nursing I totally went back down to pre-pregnancy weight.  Bodies are strange.  ;)

The great thing about both pregnancies is that my birthday falls about 3-4 months post baby.  The perfect amount of time to start buying/receiving some birthday treats in the clothes department. 

So here are some things I have been eyeing lately.  Please note that winter coats, scarfs, and boots are NOT on this list.  Thank you Arizona weather. 

I have been eyeing a pair of these Birks for quite some time now.  A bit pricey for sure but I'm digging them.  Definitely liking the taupe.  I also LOVE these gladiator Birkenstocks.  I saw them on a girl and seriously...cutest thing ever.  For the price though I feel like they need to be worn all the time.  And I'm not so sure the gladiator ones are as with pants? 

THIS sweatshirt has been in my Etsy shopping cart for...well, since I got pregnant.  I absolutely adore it!!! 

There are a lot of things I can imagine buying...but most certainly never would.  I basically don't spend more then $20 on a clothing item unless it's with birthday money.  Ha!  I LOVE me some Free People though.  Well, not all of it.  Some of it is downright weird.  But THIS shirt.  Swoon.  So pretty.  And THIS tank (with a cami underneath).  But $92 for it?!?  Barf. 

Then there is Anthropologie.  Every birthday I usually buy myself an item from here.  I have about 3 or 4 Anthro pieces and adore them.  Like I take really good care of them because it feels like such a rare treat to own them  Ha!  :)    So I am a huge sucker for ruffles.  LoVe THIS shirt. 

Last but not least I am in some desperate need of GOOD sunglasses.  The sun here is killing me.  I had these guys (and lost them) and think I might like to get them again.  I have also been wanting a basic leather tote purse for a good 3 years but alas...that's a lot of money to spend.  None the less I do rather like this one

Alright.  That's all I got for you.  :)  I probably will never buy a single one of these items but it's fun to dream right?!? 

Happy Monday everyone! 

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