Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sedona Camping Trip

Oh hey there!
It's been a little while since I've ventured over to this space.  Been busy working, child rearing, growing a baby, and things of that nature.  Jason also had a one week "spring break" of sorts and so we decided to utilize it as a "last hoorah" before baby girl comes.  We went camping outside of Sedona and it was basically great.

We haven't been camping/backpacking since before I was pregnant with Jack.  We had every intention of going camping during his first year buuuut...he didn't start sleeping through the night until a year old and we didn't think it would be courteous to bring a baby camping who likes to wake up through out the night and cry.  Heh.  Honestly we haven't been a real campsite in quite a few years.  We've done a fair amount of backpacking and my how that is different.  The close proximity of bathrooms, trash cans, and water that you didn't have to purify yourself was mighty nice.  Especially being um, you know, 8 months pregnant.  Ha!

And Jack.  Oh my golly that kid had so. much. fun.  Seeing him camp was pretty much my favorite part of the trip.  He was sooo happy...and he's basically always a happy little guy.  He also slept great.  Honestly, it was just what the doctor ordered.  While Jason has enjoyed his new job it has been a LOT of work.  I think we just needed some time to check out and be together.

Oh, and the scenery of the place wasn't too bad either....

So most of these big red mountains are taken around Sedona the city.  It's really quite unique and beautiful.  We went on a hike where there were networks of mountain bike trails ranging from easy to difficult.  Jason was freaking out.  He wanted to ride so bad.  Instead he was stuck with a toddler and a pregnant woman.  Ha!  I don't think he minded it too much though.  ;)

Please note the little red butt on Jack.  The sand was super fine and soft and that was the first thing he did...plopped down on his bum and started digging his fingers through the dirt.  :)

You can't see all of Jack's face but my how I love this picture of my two favorite guys. 

Jacko was getting pooped by the end and so out came the binkie...and of course we carried him all the way back.  Kinda wish I could have traded places with him.  Honestly though I felt really great with hiking.  How I'm not sure.  Sleeping on that hard backpacking mat was basically torture.  The first night I basically didn't sleep.  Every time I moved and shifted searing pain went through my hips.  I think I slept the second night out of sheer exhaustion.  Let's just say our bed sure felt uh-mazing once we got home.  (I knew this would be an issue going into it.  I get achy hips while sleeping in our bed at home so camping...yeah.  I decided it was worth the pain.  And it was.  But it felt good to be home again...and 2 nights was my max).  :)

These photos are from around our campsite.  We stayed farther up the mountain passed Sedona, toward Flagstaff.  There was some old snow still on the side of the road.  We were probably at about 6000 feet elevation.  The temperature difference between Sedona the city and where our campsite was was dramatic.  At night and in the morning it was downright freeeeeezing.  Considering we haven't experienced weather under 70 in a couple of months it was a bit of a shock.  We bundled up though and survived it.  :)

I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to Jack being clean.  I mean there's a time and a place for filth but overall I keep his hands and face pretty clean.  If he spills on his shirt I will usually change it before we go out into public.  But there is something about a grimy, dirty little camping baby that just makes me smile.

Overall it was a great trip.  Lots of nature.  Lots of time together.  Beautiful views and hikes.  Good camping food.  We had a great time.  Jason has now been to the Grand Canyon and Sedona.  He said that the Grand Canyon is "big" and definitely worth seeing but that Sedona is just plain beautiful.  Maybe there is something to the saying that I've read, "God made the Grand Canyon, but He lives in Sedona."  ;)  Ha!

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