Monday, March 30, 2015

My Boy Jack

I adore my boy.
I mean, don't we all adore our children?!?  I truly delight in my little guy though.  Mothering is so fun, and such an adventure.  Full of spontaneous laughter...and tears.  Ha!  We just got over another one of those 3-4 day "crabby, whiney, developmental blurps".  That's what I call them anyways.  ;)  Basically he isn't himself for a few days and is super clingy, angry, cranky, and whiney.  And then one morning he wakes up and he's back.  His normal easy, happy go lucky self is back and there is usually some new development that's taken place.  In this case he's adding REAL words at a record pace.  He's starting to mimic things that we say.  He's always "talked" a lot...we just never knew what he was saying.  Well, I did usually but nobody else. 
I'm sure that once baby girl comes Jack won't be receiving quite the same amount of face time on this blog.  Although this age.  Seriously?!?  I adore it.  I mean I loved him little but I think I appreciate the interaction and the laughs that he gives me so much.  I also think though that I will appreciate the "itty bitty stage" of baby girl more then I did with Jack.  I was sad to see him get older and yet...staying home with a tiny baby who literally wanted to be held every moment of the day was fatiguing and well...a little boring at times.  I remember always telling myself to "take it all in" and to adore the quiet moments where you just sit and breathe in your little sleeping baby.  So I remember being conscious about the fact that newborns are beautiful miracles that only stay so tiny for a few short months...but I also loved watching him grow.  And it's still the case.  That being said, I will have the comparison of a newborn and toddler...and knowing how fast these almost two years have gone by with Jack...and that it will probably go by FASTER with Baby Girl now...I think I will relish and adore her tininess all the more.  Does that make sense?!?
It's really weird to think that I literally have probably 4 short weeks left with just Jack as my little side kick.  I'm excited to add a little one to our clan.  Very excited.  A little nervous but yes...we're ready.  Jason is VERY ready.  I was having some contractions yesterday (nothing bad but a little outchie) and he kept telling Jack, "Mama is going to have our baby."  He was kidding of course but yeah...Daddy wants to hold his little girl, and so do I.  While I was okay with Jack coming early...if he was ready I think I almost need these last few weeks.  Not that I'm going to really get my head around this concept of adding a new baby...but just to...cherish and enjoy these days where I can really focus and give my time to this crazy little boy.  I truly think he will benefit, dare I say...needs a a sibling.  He will learn things from interactions with his sister that I could never teach him but I also see how unique this time is.  Never again will Jack have the same situation...him, mama, and daddy.  And never again...or not for a while at least ha!...will it be quite this easy.  :)
So we are doing our best to enjoy these last few days as a family of 3.  Part of me feels like a month is a long time but then I think about how quickly these last two months have gone by and I know that 4 or so weeks will happen in a blink of an eye.  I feel truly blessed to be a mom...even of just one if that were God's will.  God has blessed me richly.  We aren't rich, we don't own really nice things (by western standards at least), I don't have the perfect trendy wardrobe, or own a home.  But we are rich.  Rich in love.  For each other.  And even more, in God's love. 
So we are welcoming this new little one with open arms, and taking in these days with just Jack.  I am truly trying to see each day as a blessing.  Sometimes a hard blessing...but one none the less.

Side note: And if you are experiencing cold weather right now...I apologize.  I know that summer is supposedly brutal in Arizona but I've heard it said by people here that you get 3 months of hell but 9 months of heaven...and I'm sorta believing that.  The weather is amazing so far.  I must say though that it's starting to warm up.  We have had 90+ degree weather the last week and can I just say...I hear everyone's AC going and we wimpy, baby California people are holding out!  Bam!  Still haven't used the AC.  That's right?!?  Who's tough?  ;)  Even the husband who likes the weather to be 76 degrees is toughing it out.

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