Friday, April 3, 2015

This Week through Instagram!

I straight up love Instagram.  Really and truly.  I think the main reason is because I follow a very small amount of people.  Mostly my peeps who I hold near and dear aaaaaand just a couple of companies who I adore and respect.  Also...who doesn't love the picture aspect of social media?!?  When I see a lot of words I'm all, "blah blah me the pictures".  And THAT is what Instagram is.  Little flashes and snapshots into people's lives.  And it's fun.  :)

Anywho.  I'm evangelistaluv on Instagram if you are so ever inclined to follow along.

Here is this week through my Instagram feed.

A friend of mine was requesting a "bump" photo and so I obliged.  But then there's the unmade bed...and dirty clothes pile on the bathroom floor.  She probably didn't want to see THAT!  :)  Well, that's 35 weeks pregnant for you.  And yes, my boy looks HUGE in this picture.  Even though I tell him not to...he just keeps growing.  Punk.  :)

So at my last obgyn appt...which by the way I start every week next week....oye...I didn't gain a pound.  In two weeks.  I actually LOST 2 pounds.  Oops.  I have had NO appetite lately though.  Maybe it's the heat + the fact that I have a child inside of me smashing my stomach to the size of a pee?  This is basically the only thing that sounds good to me.  Smoothies.  And this blender.  Seriously.  It's amazing.  I have owned 3 blenders...and broke them all.  A Vitamix or even just the standard Ninja blender was outside of our budget.  I asked for this for Christmas and's amazing.  I thought that it would be smaller then a standard blender but really it isn't.  It also came with a smaller food processor cup which I totally use on the occasions I don't feel like pulling out the massive Cuisinart.  Anyways, it blends like a champ, is so easy to clean's like $35 on Amazon.  Ha!  Love it!

Lotta Jansdotter.  I am in LOVE with this designer.  Ok, I'm in love with a lot of fabric designers.  Jack's quilt is made from a Jansdotter line.  I wanted to do baby girls in one but was trying to keep the price down.  Anyways, I was a little thrilled to see that my local Joanns is caring her stuff and I wanted to buy. it. all.  But didn't.  But I might go back.  Because I'm having trouble resisting those two prints on the far right and left...the charcoal with those yellow cluster dots.  Swooooon.

There are some things you deal with working from home that you most likely wouldn't experience in an office.  Like your co-worker making roaring sounds as he rolls all over your cut and sorted headbands.  Yup.  Good ole Jack.  When I saw what he was doing I gasped and he just froze.  And slowly stood up and backed away.  bahahaha.  I didn't even get mad at him because his expression was too great.  And he legit didn't know that it wasn't okay so...there's that.

 I feel pretty good in the morning and then 2pm rolls around and the nausea kicks in.

My boy having a conversation with his animal friends.  It was a little  hard to follow but it was mostly about his Daddy and his choo choos.  Also...we have fully transitioned to the toddler bed!  Yay!  Naptime was going great but we were having trouble half way through the night.  I guess he was falling out of his bed.  Yesterday I bought an extra large pool noodle, tucked it under his sheet and that did it.  Slept through the night.  Someone asked how I did it and honestly...I didn't do anything special.  We attempted probably 6 naptimes and they all resulted in him in his crib.  Then a few days ago I thought...I'll try today.  Put him in his bed for naptime, he went to get out, and before he could I said, "Stay in your bed buddy."  He did, and then fell asleep.  He did so well at naptime I figured I would try bedtime.  He fell asleep no problem, didn't even try to get out of bed...but I found him on the floor at least once...and he wasn't sleeping through the night soooo...back in the crib half way through the night.  I must confess that I felt a little sad realizing that he's not in his crib anymore.  That little face standing up in his crib waiting for me to pull him out.  No more.  Awe.  I guess I'll have another little face soon.  And it WILL be nice to know that Jack is good to go on any sleep transitions for a while and we can just put baby girl in the crib whenever we are ready without worrying about moving Jack.  So that's the toddler bed update.  :)

Went to have a coffee date with Daddy at his work.  And Jack's wore shades like all the cool college kids.  :)
80 degrees in our house at around 1pm.  By the evening it's usually 84.  We WILL use our AC one day.  But we are holding out and enjoying the cheaper electric bill for as long as possible.  :)  Really though...we can feel our bodies acclimating already.  And I think I'm acclimating to this weather a lot faster then I did to San Francisco fog and cold.  Ha!  :)

And this Etsy order.  Adore.  She's doing a 6 month photo shoot with her little one and I love what she ordered.  And the color combos.  Grey and orange are one of my fave combos.  :)  And yes...I will be closing up shop for a month or so in the next couple of weeks.  You know...being the sole employee I probably shouldn't have any pending orders...and then go into labor.  ;)

And that was our week via Instagram.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  We are going to a pizza place tonight that involves a giant organ and singing.  :)  Should be fun. ha!

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